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5 Tips for Traveling With Pets

Our pets are a large part of our lives, and that means that we sometimes want them to travel with us and remain a part of our lives abroad. However, international pet travel can be a complicated process. Not too worry, Schumacher Cargo specializes in the international transportation of your furry, or scaly, pets.

While we’ll handle the tough work, there are other things you can do to prepare yourself and your pet for travel.

5 Tips For Pet Travel:

Check the Fees:

You can bet the airlines are going to charge a pretty penny for your precious cargo. Don’t count on the cuddliness of your pet to get you out of additional fees. Check with your airline before your trip on the costs. The average price is about $125 each way for your pet, with United being the most expensive at $250.

No Surprises:

A surprise furry companion is not your airline’s new best friend. Most airlines prefer you to give them advance notice when you make your reservation that you’re going to be bringing a pet. This will allow them to make the preparations on their end, which will benefit your pet.

Know the Policies:

Every airline has their own requirements for your pet’s travel you need to know before you head to the airport. First you need to know if your pet will be allowed to travel in the cabin or if it will have to be checked. While they’re all different the most common requirements are that you arrive early, provide your own kennel, make sure your animal has access to food and water, and have a health certificate for your pet (especially important for international travel).

Use a Proper Kennel:

Though the flight may only be a couple hours and you can handle the discomfort of a tight seat, that’s not how your pet should travel. Many airlines require kennels to be big enough for the pet to stand, to sit, and to lie down upon without pressing on any of the kennel’s sides.

Is the Pet Allowed:

Perhaps the biggest part of your travel plans is knowing whether or not your destination will allow your pet. Every country has their own rules regarding this and some will allow your pet to travel with you without a quarantine, but some won’t. ¬†Even Hawaii has a quarantine restriction for pets.

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