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International Pet Transport & Global Relocation Information

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International Pet Moving

Shipping your pets safely anywhere in the world requires careful preparation

When you are moving your pets internationally from the U.S., we can give you advice on professional pet care and international animal transport preparation.

Whether you are transporting your animals from United States to Europe, Australia, or New Zealand- we can help you with the international shipping of your dogs, cats and animals safely and securely by referring you to our partner companies.

International pet transport and global relocation information

Each country has its own rules and regulations when it comes to moving your pets and animals internationally.

To the Right, you can find a list of all the rules and regulations for international pet relocation for some of the countries we ship to.

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International Moving Experts

Since 1977, our International Moving Services safety record for cargo shipment delivery has far exceeded all industry standards and has made us one of the most dependable shipping companies in the industry.

Thus, whether you are shipping cars, vehicles, full households, individual furniture, antiques and/or other goods, you will feel comfortable knowing that Schumacher Cargo Logistics and our team of overseas moving experts will take care of all aspects of your overseas relocation needs.

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Schumacher Cargo Logistics utilizes insured, secured and bonded facilities. We provide warehousing, packing, crating, trucking and loading services out of our own warehouses here in the USA - Los Angeles, Houston, Savannah, Miami, New York, and New Jersey. All other worldwide destinations are covered by our affiliated organization member companies.