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International Car Shipping from USA

Each year, our international vehicle shipping company moves over 10,000 cars and automobiles overseas from the USA to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and many other destinations worldwide.

Bottom line...if it has wheels, we can move it. We've been shipping cars internationally for over 30 years. It's not just a business for us, it is a passion.

As an international car shipping company, it's this passion that drives us to continue offering highly competitive transport rates, as well as to continue finding ways to improve transit times.

How much does it cost to move a car overseas?

There is no one general rate because each and every vehicle shipping experience is different and is accompanied by various costs. It depends on where, when, how, how much, and a lot of other variables.

For example, it might cost $950 to ship a small car to Europe in a shared container from the east coast but shipping a car in its own 20ft container can cost twice that amount.

To find out more about the various service levels available and your car shipping costs, call us and speak with one of our auto export specialists.

Overseas Vehicle Shipping Specialists

One of the most important stages of international car shipping is securing the vehicle for transit, which is why our warehouse crews are professionally trained and we only use specialized equipment when shipping vehicles.

Once a vehicle arrives at one of our warehouses, a full and complete dock receipt is issued. We also take pictures of your automobile and our team posts copies to our online tracking system as part of our service.

Where do you need to transport your automobile? Some of our top destinations include:

  • Germany
  • UK
  • France
  • Holland
  • Spain
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
    Middle East
  • Israel
  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong

For a full list of destinations, call us or use our quote form to select a final destination.

We've also included the video at the top of the page to show you the loading process first hand so that you can see the steps involved in international vehicle shipping via container.

What Our International Car Shipping Service Offers

  • Inland transport to warehouse closest to departure port
  • Storage while awaiting consolidation
  • Inspection report and full doc receipt
  • U.S customs clearance and paperwork
  • Tracking details with imagery

Items Needed to Ship a Car Internationally

Your Keys - We require that clients leave their keys with us when the vehicle is ready for transport and based on experience, we recommend making a spare set of keys to the ignition, trunk, gas cap and other compartment that locks if they require different ones.

Registration and Title - Have your documents ready. They'll be needed to get your car in and out of the ports. We need the originals. You can make copies and we will send the originals to the destination agent who will give them back to you upon handover of you vehicle.

Creditor/Lessor notarized statement - If the automobile is currently financed or under a lease, a notarized statement is required stating that the creditor/lessor is aware the vehicle is being shipped overseas and they give you permission to export the car. We will also need notarized copies of the title and the letter of release.

Photo ID - You (or some other designated person) will need identification to pick up the car.

International Auto Transport FAQs

How long does it take to ship a car overseas?

From the west coast to Australia and New Zealand, we have direct water service which is 12-15 days to NZ, and 21-23 days to Australia. Depending on what port your final destination is, it may be a week later as the first port of call is usually 21-23 days, then a 5-day transshipment.

This sail time is "on the water", and does not include the time it takes to consolidate the vehicles, load them and prepare your auto for shipping after you drop it off. We also have Ro-Ro from the west coast, which can take longer as it's transshipped through Yokohama first, then on to Australia.

From the East Coast to most European base ports, the sail time is anywhere between 9 and 15 days, depending on the shipping line we use, and the final port of arrival.

The Mediterranean ports in Spain and Italy are usually 18 days on the water. For all other destinations, there may be a transshipment service, and you will need to clarify with your salesperson the exact details of your particular shipment.

Can I bring other goods inside my car?

Yes and no. This depends on the method of transporting a vehicle. Most container services will allow this no problem as long as it's reasonable. With roll-on roll-off, nothing is allowed inside the car other than spare tire, jack and items of this sort.

Is there a way to deliver a car at my new place of residence?

Yes. We do offer a door-to-door service which includes transporting your car on the ocean to the destination port. Once it arrives, our overseas agents can schedule to have your vehicle delivered right to your new home.

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