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Why You Should Pack Up and Move to Hong Kong

Written by Alex Bach

What better way to see the world than by packing up your stakes and moving to a whole new region? And what better destination than Hong Kong? We’ve got the reasons to do so below.

Schumacher Cargo can help you make the move. We’ve shipped hundreds of household goods and helped countless families relocate to Hong Kong.

Why You Should Move to Hong Kong:

The Food:

Of course everyone thinks of their favorite Chinese carry-out dishes when they think of Chinese food. The good news and bad news: that is not commonplace in Hong Kong. Food in Hong Kong is as exotic as anything you’d find on a travel channel, with a strong helping of western fare from all the various cultures that have packed up and relocated to Hong Kong. You can find Chinese cuisine infused with Italian dishes, french and American.  Also, everyone shares Italian dinning style.


Hong Kong is one of the wealthiest cities, not just of China, but of the entire world. A city rapidly growing and expanding, becoming the New York or London of the East, Hong Kong has a wealth of fantastic employment opportunities, especially for ex-pats.

A word of caution: the wealth of the city does make it an expensive city to live in: again, think New York or London living costs. And although the city is tremendously wealthy, there are still many impoverished people and communities out there so it’s important for you to be sensitive to that.


Due to the wealth and expansion, Hong Kong has become the most vertically oriented city in the world. You can expect to see some of the most astounding and iconic works of architecture erected anywhere on earth.

The Internet Speeds:

It was reported in a recent study by Ookla that Hong Kong’s ISPs provide the fastest download speeds on the planet. Coming up 31st and last on the list: the US.


Hong Kong, with its tropical climate and surrounding mountains, feels a lot like a more exotic California. You won’t have to pack any snow pants or winter jackets, maybe just a light coat for the rainy season.


Hong Kong’s position on the Southern edge of China puts the region in a central location for travel to other parts of the Eastern hemisphere. You’re only a couple hours away from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. And you’re only a short hop away from Macao

Western Sensibilities:

For many westerners, moving to Asia can be quite a culture shock. And while much of that culture shock is part of the moving experience, it’s nice to be able to fall back on western comforts every now and then.

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