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Top 5 Must-See Places to Visit Before You Die

Written by Alex Bach

We’ve all got places we’d like to see before we make our big exit. But where do you start? Not to worry, we’ve got five places that absolutely have to be on your list right here.

And if you need help getting there, Schumacher Cargo can help, we’ve shipped thousands of goods and vehicles across the globe and can assist in your big move or help ship your prized souvenir.

Top 5 Places to Visit Before You Die

Machu Picchu:

Get this one in while you can as there’s been talk of shutting down this ancient city to tourists. Not an easily accessible site by any means, this relic of the Incan Empire is located 8,000 feet up in the Andes and resides at the end of the popular Inca Trail. Just an astounding feat of architecture.

The Grand Canyon:

An architectural feat of mother nature that dwarfs any man-made skyscrapers out of sheer scope. Just look at the numbers: 277 miles long, 6,000 feet deep, and spanning 18 miles across at it’s widest. The canyon has a variety of activities to help you explore its wonder too, including hiking, camping and rafting down the Snake River.

The Great Wall of China:

What mother nature did with the Grand Canyon, man did with the Great Wall of China. First “opening” in 206 BC, the Great Wall stretches across 5,500 miles and can even be seen from space. Built by laborers under several different dynasties, the Wall is easily one of the Seven Wonders of the World and something you should absolutely have on your bucket list.

The Amazon:

There are a handful of countries that will allow you access to one of the biggest river systems in the entire world. The fact that parts of it still remain unexplored to this day should give you some indication of its size and majesty. With equally uncharted species of flora and fauna–along with some very charted snakes, jaguars, and caymen–the Amazon is one of the most fascinating places you could ever hope to discover.

The Kalahari:

A safari is crucial to any bucket list–no matter how averse you are to snakes, crocodiles, and gigantic cats with huge teeth. The Kalahari, spread over parts of South Africa, Botswana and Zambia, is home to lions, cheetahs, rhinos and more of your favorite zoo animals…this time out of the cage and in their own habitat. Zambia also shares the honor with Zimbabwe of having the Victoria Falls, the world’s largest waterfall. And don’t worry, it won’t get too rustic, not with the posh accommodations, fantastic dining options, and great wine & vineyards.

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