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Things You Need to Know About Your Move to Switzerland

Written by Jason Lowder

Before moving to the land of neutrality, chocolate and Cuckoo clocks, there are a few things you need to know about Switzerland. Some of these things might be splendid, some unusual, and a few you should probably watch out for or keep in mind.

Moving is made of two components: the excitement and the hard work.  Let Schumacher Cargo Logistics handle all the hard work for your move to Switzerland, allowing you to focus solely on the excitement!

Things To Know Before Moving to Switzerland:

  • Switzerland has one of the best economies in the world–700 years of neutrality and the world’s most recognizable banks will do that. With that stable economy comes a great quality of living(high cost), well paying jobs, and a strong openness for foreign residents and workers.
  • You’ve got Mountains and Mediterranean Climates! A gorgeous repository of mountains and lakes, Switzerland’s close proximity to the Mediterranean also gives it a very temperate climate that makes summer and spring unforgettable.
  • Finding a job in Switzerland is competitive as an outsider. If you’re looking to make the move try and find work before you go, either with some of the larger Swiss companies or with American companies that have offices in Switzerland, they might be able to help you transfer.
  • You can also take advantage of Switzerland’s three-month grace period for foreigners. This period allows non-residents to stay in the country for three months while they try and find permanent work.
  • Income taxes are lower in Switzerland but that’s because the costs of living in Switzerland are so high.
  • Leave the guns at home. Switzerland does not feature much of the same second amendment fervor we have in America which possibly has something to do with the fact that they are a neutral country…either way, leave the guns back in the states.
  • Baby names for Swiss residents have to be taken from a pre-approved list. Don’t expect to be able to pop your baby out and name him Apple Pie Asterisk. If you do, you’ll have to request official permission from your embassy which will be a long and tedious process.
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