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Thank You From Schumacher Cargo

Dear Client,

Welcome to Schumacher Cargo Logistics Inc.

We have just sent you your official Shipping Instructions reference number. This SI# will be an important piece of information from now on as we proceed with your shipment. You will need it as a reference when contacting us for updates or information.

It will also be needed when using our online tracking system. For a tutorial on how to use the online tracking please click here or ?>download the PDF version.


You are shipping out of the port of Miami to your final destination. We may use Port Everglades/Miami or Jacksonville depending on the service required or the final port of destination. This will be indicated on your Booking confirmation and also on your final Bill of Lading once the shipment leaves the port.

Please take time to read the following information as it will assist us in expediting your file and making it ready for shipping as per your chosen service.

If you are a US citizen and are shipping in your name, you will need to provide an EIN no as a valid ID for customs clearance. Please read this carefully for more information.

These are the instructions and documents required if shipping from the port of Miami Florida:

  • Original title: All vehicles leaving the USA must be accompanied by an original title (must reflect clients name or be signed over to new buyer).
  • Bill of sale: If you have recently purchased the vehicle an Original Bill of sale is required unless buyers name is printed on title as first time buyers.
  • NOTARIZED EXPORT POWER OF ATTORNEY: Download and complete as per below.

    EPOA is required for each vehicle along with one of the documents listed above that applies.

    Signed (BLUE INK) by purchaser shown on title and bill of sale.

    If client is not in the USA or the country they reside in is not on the list of countries acceptable to Customs Border Patrol. Client then must have it notarized by US EMBASSY.

    ALL EPOA’S must be accompanied by a CLEAR VALID ID, recognizable picture ID of person signing.

    If client uses their passport as ID for the notary while physically in USA, it MUST be accompanied by copy of Visa with Entry & Exit stamps and/or copy of I94 immigration document.

    When the new owner shown on the title appears as a company, the following must be obtained:
    A Statement on that company’s letterhead, showing that the person signing occupies a position or is employed by the company and is authorized by that company to sign and do whatever necessary to export vehicles from the USA. The statement/letterhead MUST be notarized in the state/country of origin.

  • MSO – (manufacturers statement of origin) – new vehicles/bikes/dirt bikes/ ATV’s w/out title can be cleared with an ORIGINAL MSO. (Must be signed off to buyer & bill of sale linking buyer to MSO
  • If the vehicle is a salvage unit, an original salvage title/Certificate of destruction must be provided and signed off to buyer along with bill of sale.
  • If a vehicle does not have a title due its age, a valid registration is needed: We will need both the valid registration, bill of sale & a letter from DMV stating why the vehicle is not titled.
  • Financed vehicles: If the vehicle is still under finance, we require 3 notarized copies of the title (front & back). 1 notarized authorization letter permitting client to export. These documents are obtained from the finance company.
  • Dirt bikes/ATVS: An MSO or title is required. If neither document are available due to their age. Then an original notarized bill of sale stating that they are “not for public road use” will be acceptable.
  • Race cars: require original notarized bill of sale, photos of the vehicles VIN# & photo of actual vehicle.


  • Please ask your customer service representative if you have any questions in relation to documentation as this can delay the shipment of your vehicle. Once we have the vehicle in our possession and have been provided with all necessary documents as listed above, we can clear customs and pass your file for consolidation into the next available container for shipping to its final destination.
  • If a client is military and is currently financing their vehicle, they will need to provide above docs along with a copy of their military orders.

You can download the PDF version of all the above information here.

Shipping Vehicle to Australia

If you are shipping your vehicle to Australia, please follow this link which will assist you with your import approval which is required before shipping from the US. This usually takes 3-4 weeks depending on the time of year and application needs to be done by you, the client.

Roll On Roll Off

If you are shipping ROLL ON ROLL Please follow this link for specific information regardin your shipping process and useful tips to help speed up the process.

Windshield Label

If you are delivering your vehicle to our warehouse in Miami, Florida, please download the following windshield attachement and write your SI# clearly on it and place on your dashboard so our receiving personell can identify your cargo upon arrival.

Escrow Service

If you require an escrow service and would like us to assist with the transaction between you, the buyer, and the seller of you new vehicle, please follow this link for more information or ask your sales person to explain this service in more detail.

We want this shipping experience to go as smoothly as possible and we will endeavor to make it so. Your assistance is paramount in the early stages so we can get the file ready for operations to consolidate.

Thank You From Schumacher Cargo

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need?

Please refer to the attachment above for all the necessary information you will need in relation to the required documentation for exporting your vehicle.

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Can I pack personal items inside the car?

If you are shipping your car inside a shared container, it is possible to ship some personal items such as clothing/small items of furniture/ personal effects etc inside your vehicle. You must provide an itemized list of all items loaded for customs clearance. If we are collecting your car from your home or a specific address, some domestic carriers will not accept cars loaded with personal items for insurance reasons. So discuss this in more detail with your sales person before we dispatch the pickup.

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Can Schumacher Cargo arrange the pickup of my vehicle from anywhere in the Domestic US?

Yes. We have fully insured professional carriers ready to collect your car, either open on a transporter or enclosed in a special trailer, depending on your needs. Please ask your salesperson for a competitive rate. We will be happy to arrange this for you.

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What’s the difference between container service and Roll on Roll off?

Container service is when we consolidate 2, 3 or 4 cars inside one 40′ container. This is a very safe and secure way of shipping your vehicle from one part of the world to another by ocean vessel. Please see how we load your vehicle here. Roll on Roll off is when the cars are driven onto the deck of the vessel and simply parked in organized fashion and then driven off at the port of destination. We use RO/RO mainly for all oversized vehicle and cargo that will not fit inside a container such as trucks/boats/motor homes and machinery etc.

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What does “consolidation” mean?

To consolidate means to co load multiple vehicles for different clients inside the same container. This allows us to offer all clients a competitive rate and our agents at all ports of destination are professionals at unloading consolidated cargo.

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How long does it take to ship my car?

Depending on the port of loading and the destination, there is an average of 4-6 weeks from start to finish. This can take longer sometimes if the consolidation of the container takes longer to accumulate. Most European base ports have weekly sailings from the east coast with a 12-15 day sail. You should discuss this with your sales person when booking to make sure you understand the procedure. The easiest way to have more accurate dates of sailing and delivery is to book a sole use 20′ container for your vehicle on its own. This is more expensive but suits clients who have a more specific time frame for shipping. Please refer to the documentation cheat sheet as getting all documents to us in quick time helps speed up the loading process for all clients.

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Will I be able to see photos of my car after it is received at your warehouse?

With our new online tracking system, once your car is received into our warehouse, we document this with a dock receipt and take photos of the cargo. These are posted against your Shipping Instructions number and are accessible on line after 24 hrs. Please refer to the online tracking tutorial or ask you customer service representative for more details.

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Why does it take so long to get the container on the water after delivery of my car?

Even when a car is ready to ship either in a consolidation or a sole use container, there is still a procedure of pulling the container from the port, loading the container and returning it back to the port for loading. This loaded container needs to be port side 5 days prior to sailing.

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Can I insure my vehicle?

Yes. We offer competitive rates for marine insurance which effectively covers the car against total loss or full comprehensive cover against any damage that may occur during transit. We have various premiums to suit the value of the vehicle and the deductible required. Please make sure to ask your sales person for more information when booking.

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How do you load the cars in the container?

We have crews of highly trained auto loaders who specialize in this art of shipping cars. You can see how we build the containers with 3 and 4 cars if you go to our gallery here.

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Does my motorbike need to be crated?

Most of the motorcycles we ship go Uncrated. We block and brace each bike carefully and our record for “DAMAGE FREE” shipments is second to none. If you prefer to have your bike crated we offer various styles of crating to suit each budget and specification. Please see how we load and crate bikes here.

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Who handles my cargo in the port of destination?

We have specially chosen agents in all ports of destination who will arrange the unloading of the container from the port once the ship arrives, and then unload the cars in their warehouse where you can collect your vehicle once customs clearance has been done. The agent will also take care of this aspect of the process for you.

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I only want to ship my car for a short period of time. Do I have to pay taxes?

Depending on your status and nationality in the country of destination, you may be able to bring in your vehicle on a temporary import permit. This is usually for 6 months. We can help with this process by liaising with our agents who can advise and assist with the paperwork on the other end. Please ask your salesperson for more information when booking.

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Can I track the ship as it sails?

We have a tracking system that allows you to track the process from the time of booking to the time of sailing. Once the ship leaves the port in the US, you will know the name of the steam line, the vessel and the container number. Some of the ocean carriers have a tracking system whereby you can get updates on the ships schedule and if it is to arrive as planned.

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When do I get my documents back and why do you need the originals for export?

It is customs procedure to have all original documentation for export of all vehicles from the USA. Once we clear customs on your behalf, and the ship has sailed, we send all originals to our agent at the port of destination so they can prepare all your clearance in that country. You will be given all the originals upon collection of your car from the agent.

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Again, if you need more information on this or any other topic in relation to your shipment, please do not hesitate to ask your sales person or dedicated customer service representative. Please feel free to explore our website to discover additional information you may need during this time.

…from the SCL Export team!!!

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Schumacher Cargo Logistics utilizes insured, secured and bonded facilities. We provide warehousing, packing, crating, trucking and loading services out of our own warehouses here in the USA - Los Angeles, Houston, Savannah, Miami, New York, and New Jersey. All other worldwide destinations are covered by our affiliated organization member companies.