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See How Schumacher Cargo Helped a Superhero!

What do NBCNews, a Batmobile and Yverdon-les-bains, Switzerland all have in common?……Schumacher Cargo Logistics!

We must admit, there have been quite a few vehicles we have shipped that have even stood out for us!

There was David Hasselhoff’s KIT replica from Knight Rider that went to Dublin Ireland for an Exhibition and the famous time travelling DeLorean from Back to the Future fame that went to a collector in Holland.

But the one that stands out the most……of course, it’s the Batmobile. Sure, it was in the films as a prop but all the same, we like to think we assisted The Caped Crusader with his International shipping needs in Heroic style!

batmobile in shipping container
So…what might someone want with a Batmobile? Well, Comic Con isn’t the only event for Superheroes. We moved it for a client from our facility in Los Angeles to Switzerland for the Superhero Exhibition in Yverdon-les-bains.

This was one of the production cars from the 1980’s Batman Movie starring Michael Keaton. It was purchased and restored by one of our clients who has a profound interest in all things movies.

He delivered the vehicle to our warehouse, where we loaded it into a 40’ container. It shipped from LA to Bremerhaven, with the final destination in Switzerland.

1980's batmobile
We move a lot of movie memorabilia autos and it’s amazing to think of the adventures these vehicles go on: travelling the world for movie fans alike to view in person.

It is a testament to the people who have the desire to make sure these small snippets of movie history  are restored and in circulation for everyone to enjoy.

You can see a few pictures and read the full article and on NBCNews!

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