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The Rockstar Packer – How to Pack a House Like a Pro

Written by Jenn Cosgrove

10 Tips for Effective Packing

So you’re moving…again. Whether you’re a first-time mover or seasoned pro, packing up an entire house can seem like an overwhelming task.

Here are some tried-and-true suggestions by experienced movers to help make your moving day less stressful than it has to be.

  1. Pack an overnight bag for each member of the family as if you’re going on a weekend vacation. Odds are you’ll be too tired to unpack your belongings the first night and you’ll want your essentials easily accessible. Include in it things like changes of clothes, medications, eyeglasses, as well as your toiletries.
  2. Pack your “open me first” boxes in clear plastic bins. This will save much time rooting through boxes for the things you’ll need firsthand such as trash bags, selected eating utensils, power strips, phone chargers, remote controls, batteries, flashlights, toilet paper, tools, etc.
  3. Designate a color code for each room, such as blue for the bathroom, green for the kitchen, orange for the dinning room, etc. Apply colored stickers or duct tape to your boxes and also on the door to the corresponding room, this way the movers will know exactly where the boxes go.
  4. Use a numbering system for every box and write the numbers next to your colored tags, 1 of 20 and so on. Copy your numbering system in a notebook and mark them off as you unpack each box.
  5. Schedule a pickup date for a charity organization to pick up unwanted items two weeks prior to moving, it’ll save time and trouble of having to take it there yourself.
  6. Use an upside down trash bag to pack clothes on the hangers for quick and easy unpacking.
  7. Use sandwich bags for holding small parts of things you have to take apart such as screws for mounted flat tv screens and affix them to the back or underside of the item.
  8. Take a photo of how your electronics are connected so you know where the wires go.
  9. Use a drinking straw to keep jewelry from getting tangled. Simply slip one side of the chain through the straw.
  10. Plates will be less likely to break if you pack them vertically like records.

Now, happy packing! If you have helpful packing tips to add to this list, post them in the comments!

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