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Planning Your Move to Ireland From the US

Written by Damien Shields

You’ve made the decision to step out of America and try living in the green isle! But before you buy your ticket and start packing, there are a few things you should do in advance to make your move as smooth as possible.

One of the ways to make that move run smoothly is by finding a company to help you move overseas! We’ve relocated hundreds of families over the years and can help your move to Ireland be as stress free as possible.

First Thing’s First:

Find out if you can move to Ireland. Moving to another country is a lot different than moving from the big city out to the suburbs even though the culture shock might be the same! Moving to Ireland as a non-European Union citizen means you will have to apply for a visa. Check with the Irish embassy to see what you need in order to apply for residence or a work visa. If you are moving as part of a job transfer/appointment it will be much easier.

The best way to assure you’ll be allowed to move to Ireland is by finding a job before you move there.

Visit Before You Move:

Relocating blindly to a country is just a good way to get burned. If you’re planning on making the move and you’ve got the above handled then you should visit Ireland first. Tour the country and find the place you’d like to live.

This will also help you get an idea for what to bring or leave behind.


Thankfully moving from the US to Ireland means you likely won’t have to learn a new language. You can try learning Gaelic if you want but good luck… as it’s very difficult and most people won’t understand you. That said, there are still cultural aspects you should learn about before moving.

For instance, Northern Ireland is still part of the British Empire and a delicate situation that had plagued much of the country with civil war.  As such, it won’t be a good idea to move to Dublin and dress in all orange Syracuse University apparel (orange being the color of Protestant Northern Ireland).


Lastly, if you’re looking to bring your pets to Ireland be prepared for some work. Importing your pets won’t be easy and there will be quite a check-list to go through. This is especially true coming from a non-EU country.

With those in mind, you’re ready to start planning your new life in Ireland.

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