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Packing Smart: Essential Tips for Americans Relocating to New Zealand

How to Pack for your move from the US to New Zealand
Are you gearing up for your exciting move from the USA to the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand? As an international moving company with over 40 years of experience, we know that packing for such a significant relocation can be daunting. But fear not! We’re here to guide you through the essentials of what to bring and what to leave behind, ensuring your move to New Zealand is as smooth as the serene waters of Milford Sound.

What to Pack and What to Leave Behind For Your Move to New Zealand

1. Understand the Climate Variances:

Understand the region you are moving to. Look at the average temperatures throughout the year. This will help you determine the best clothing items to pack. New Zealand’s weather can be a chameleon, with regional variances and unpredictable patterns. While the North Island enjoys a subtropical climate, the South Island can be cooler. Our advice? Pack layers! Think breathable fabrics for summer and quality woolens for the cooler months. And don’t forget a reliable raincoat – it’s an essential item in your New Zealand wardrobe.

2. Electrical Essentials:

New Zealand operates on a 230/240-volt system, different from the 120-volt system in the USA. Instead of packing all your electrical appliances, consider buying new ones in New Zealand. However, if you must bring specific gadgets, remember to pack a universal adapter and a voltage converter.

3. Furniture:

Shipping your furniture to New Zealand will depend on your budget. You can use our free quote form to determine how much it will cost to move your household items to New Zealand. If you want to avoid taking furniture or your stay is only temporary, consider selling or storing bulky items in the US.

4. Personal Items and Sentimental Keepsakes:

When it comes to personal items like photo albums, heirlooms, or that favorite book collection, bring them along! These small treasures will make your new place feel like home and keep you connected to your roots.

5. Outdoor Gear for the Kiwi Lifestyle:

New Zealand’s stunning landscapes call for outdoor adventures. Pack your hiking boots, camping gear, and if you’re into water sports, your snorkeling or surfing equipment. Bringing specialized gear like bicycles or kayaks will depend on your moving budget.

6. Health and Prescription Medications:

While New Zealand has an excellent healthcare system, bringing a sufficient supply of prescription medications is crucial. Also, pack a first aid kit for the initial days while you familiarize yourself with the local healthcare services.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed When Packing for Your Move to New Zealand

It’s about balancing practicality with comfort. As you embark on this thrilling chapter of your life, remember that less is often more. New Zealand offers plenty of shopping options for your new home and lifestyle. Once you know what you must take to New Zealand, get a quote for your move. The New Zealand moving specialists at Schumacher Cargo can get your household goods to your new home and ensure you understand the process. Pack smart and embrace the spirit of adventure.

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