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Moving Household Goods Overseas from San Diego?

Are you planning an international move from San Diego? Maybe you are finishing up work in the states and need to move back to San Diego. Whatever your reason, our San Diego international moving services from Schumacher Cargo Logistics have everything you need to ensure a simple and straightforward experience.

Where are you moving to/from? Our company can help you relocate with more than 80 global destinations with the best rates including Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East, and many more. 

Read the steps for international moving from San Diego and use our Form at the top to start your shipment today!

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Why Choose Schumacher 

Finding a trustworthy and reliable international moving company is the most important step, whether you’re relocating for business or family reasons. 

San Diego residents can take advantage of our door to door options no matter which part they live in. With door to door service we take care of everything from packing and wrapping at your home all the way to delivery at your new home overseas.

They’ll be able to take your household goods from your house to where they need to go overseas. Our international movers work fast and efficiently, always taking extra care. Once we have your shipment at the departure port, we’ll prepare all the necessary paperwork to clear customs. 

Overview of Our Services

  • Professionally trained local pickup, delivery, and warehouse crews
  • Pickup service from anywhere in California
  • In office notary for customs documentation
  • Offer both shared container and full container shipping options
  • Customs clearance for your goods
  • Delivery right to your door in the new country

How Much Does International Moves from San Diego Cost

International moving from San Diego has many factors that make up the price. In this case the main components are move size and destination. As an example, a move from SD to the UK will have a different price than to the UAE all things the same. Also every San Diego international mover will provide different priced quotes, which adds to the confusion. For this reason our San Diego move representatives create all encompassing custom quotes door to door so you have the most info possible before your move. From there you can discuss and adjust your shipment to best match your needs.

To get your custom quote use our Online Form

Survey of Your Goods

Once you begin working with your Schumacher rep, we can schedule a survey of your goods. In this case, a surveyor will go to your home and calculate the exact size you are shipping in order to give you the most accurate quote possible.

How Long Does it Take to Move Household Goods?

When moving household goods from San Diego overseas, time can vary based on similar factors.

Most commonly in our consolidation service, we move your effects to the most efficient port. Then your goods must go through consolidation which time ranges based on others going to the same area. This is because the container needs to be full before it ships out to sea.

Once your goods are on the water, you can expect your shipment to sail for roughly 4-6 weeks depending on the destination. Areas near Oceana being faster and Europe being a bit slower.

Please contact one of our moving specialists for any further questions you may have regarding our overseas moving services for San Diego or get a moving quote and find out how we can get you a competitive rate and make your move a great experience.

San Diego International Shipping Services

For our San Diego international shipping services we offer 3 modes of transport: consolidated container, full container, and air freight. Based on your details, our representatives will advise you on the best one of these options for your move.

Consolidated Container Moves from San Diego

Our most popular way to move overseas from San Diego is consolidated container shipping. This is because it is the most cost effective way to ship your goods. For this service, your goods are grouped together with others moving to the same area. You only need to pay for the space you use, which makes it cost effective if you don’t need a full container.

Full Container Moves from San Diego

If you have more to ship or need to skip the consolidation period, we also offer full containers. Our main options are 20 and 40 foot containers that hold 1000 and 2000 cubic feet respectively. This may be more expensive if not near capacity, but for some receiving the goods earlier is worth the difference in price. Once you are near capacity it actually becomes a better value to get your own.

Air Freight from San Diego

Air Freight is the fastest way to move goods overseas from San Diego. Though this means it is also the most expensive. Usually this service is used for rare items or goods for a show or event before a deadline. When using this service your goods depart from San Diego International Airport instead from the port and can arrive in 2-3 weeks.

Start Your International Move from San Diego with Schumacher

Since 1977, Schumacher Cargo Logistics has been the premier international moving company for San Diego to destinations all around the world. With over 40 years of experience we have developed the processes and services to remove the hassle from your shipment overseas.

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For any other questions on a move, destination services, or locations, call one of our household goods shipping specialists:

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