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Moving Overseas from Portland

There is a lot on a plate during a domestic move to another city or state. This leads some to believe the preparation required for an international move from Portland is much higher. However with a full service door to door move, this is not the case. So why not just use a trusted and established Portland international moving service like Schumacher Cargo Logistics? Our experience and dedicated professionals take care of the move, so you can concentrate on the things you want. From picking up your goods anywhere in Portland to delivering them to your door overseas, we do it all!

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International moving services to Portland

Experienced International Movers

We’ve spent the last 40 years helping people move internationally from Portland so whether it’s five bedrooms, a single office, or furniture, you can expect the best from us. Rest assured that the rate you’ll get is a competitive one and the best for your specific situation because we believe in honesty and providing top value to our clients.

Our International Moving Service for Portland

With thousands of overseas moves from Portland and across the US, there really isn’t a single place we can’t get your household goods to. We have international shipping locations across the country and no matter where you are moving overseas to and where you are located at, you’ll have options.

Your household goods and personal effects are packed and wrapped by our experts at the time of pickup, but you can also pack everything and we’ll pick up when it’s ready.

Those moving their household goods overseas from Portland can expect the following in addition to pickup:

  • Full service door to door moving
  • Packing and wrapping goods at your home 
  • Transport to and from our warehouse
  • Consolidated and full container options
  • Customs clearance
  • Delivery to your new home

How Much Does International Moves from Portland Cost?

The cost to move from Portland overseas depends on many different factors. Two of the main factors are size of the move and destination country. For example a move from Portland to the UK will be different than to UAE even if everything else is the same. Since the price varies massively, our move specialists create custom quotes for every move. This allows them to give the most accurate estimate for your particular situation.

Use our online form to get a custom quote for your move

Survey of Your Goods

Once you begin working with your Portland international moving representative, we can schedule a survey of your goods. In this case, one of our representatives will go to your home and calculate the exact size you are shipping in order to give you the most accurate quote possible.

Relocation Options for Every Situation

Where are you relocating to? If you are moving from Portland to Europe, you may consider shipping from our location in New York. Don’t worry, we handle the cross country transportation! In this case you may have a lower rate since the East Coast is closer to Europe. Another option depending on whether you’re using a full container service vs. consolidations is the Los Angeles location. Our representatives will give you the best value options and you’ll be able to make a educated choice on which you want.

Portland International Shipping Services

Our main Portland international shipping services are consolidated container, sole use container, and air freight.

Consolidated Container Moves from Portland

Our most popular way to move overseas from Portland is consolidated container shipping. This is because it is the most cost effective way to ship your goods. For this service, your goods group together with others moving to the same area. You only need to pay for the space you use, which makes it cost effective if you don’t need a full container.

Sole Use Container Moves from Portland

If you have more to ship or need to skip the consolidation period, we also offer full containers. Our main options are 20 and 40 foot containers that hold 1000 and 2000 cubic feet respectively. This may be more expensive if not near capacity, but for some having the goods earlier is worth the difference.

Air Freight from Portland

Air Freight is the fastest way to ship goods overseas from Portland. Though this means it is also the most expensive. Usually this service is only used for rare items or goods that must be at a show or event before a deadline. When using this service your goods depart from Boston Logan International Airport and can arrive in 2-3 weeks.

Start Your International Move From Portland with Schumacher

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