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Longest Bicycle Trips In the World

Written by Alex Bach

Whether setting out for a lifetime of bicycle exploration, undertaking the longest (and most scenic) bike trail in the world, or strapping in for a record setting pedaling session, the world is full of epic bicycle adventures.  Here are some of the best feats to perform on a bicycle.

Heinz Stucke’s Continuing Ride:

In Germany, Heinz Stucke went out for a ride on his bike one day and never came back. Sort of. In 1962 Stucke, a German citizen, started a journey he remains on to this day, endeavoring to see as much of the world as he could from the seat of his bicycle. He’s traveled almost 600,000 miles in his 48 years on the road, seeing just about every country you can imagine (257 in total).

Australia’s Munda Biddi Trail:

Munda Biddi trail in Australia offers 1,000 km of scenic pathways as it winds through the bushlands of Western Australia from Perth to the coastal Albany. The trail–the longest in the world–is held together by numerous signs, markers, bridges, and even huts for camping. The trail traverses numerous terrains, from farmland, to forests, sand and steep hills. It has a few parts that will be a challenge for many bikers, as well.

While there are many towns and access roads, the Biddi trail is not a light undertaking. Some stretches may require you to bush camp for rest or any mechanical problems that may arise. Be prepared to camp if you have to, and, of course, watch out for snakes.

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Stationary Bike Record:

While not exactly a scenic bike tour, it is itself an epic feat of pedaling. George Hood pedaled for 222:22.22, or 222 hours, 22 minutes and 22 seconds all on a stationary bike, beating the 200 hour benchmark previously set.  Why on Earth would he do that?  It was for a good cause. George shattered the record as a means of raising money for Gunnar Hotchkin, a soldier killed by an IED in Afghanistan.

In order to accomplish the feat Hood was allowed a quick 5-min break every hour, which he could accumulate.  As he did when he took a 28-minute break for a 15-minute nap.

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