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Jobs that Let You Work From Any Country You Want

Written by Alex Bach

Traveling is often at the forefront of the romantic’s mind: exploring the bounty of the world, taking in new cultures, seeing historic and legendary sights and cities. However, as most can attest to, traveling is not cheap. But what if there was a way you could travel and get paid at the same time? It’s not too good to be true; these jobs will let you work from virtually any country you want and give you a living wage while doing so.

8 Best Jobs For Wanderlust

1. Foreign Service Officer aka Diplomat–As America has 256 foreign embassies located around the world, any of these could become your next office. These jobs allow you to work in virtually any country on the planet and get a taste of the local culture. Although becoming a diplomat is not necessarily the easiest, or safest, job out there.

2. Teacher–Plenty of countries around the world are looking for teachers, mostly in language and science/mathematics. Working as an ESL or EFL teacher can offer many opportunities to teach and live in another country of your choosing.

3. Writer–Depending on the kind of writing you’re doing, most writing jobs are either freelance or work-from-home. While a fiction writer traveling from country might sound like the ideal job, most of those fiction writers who are able to do so have already found success or have another income.

4. Architect–Again, this job will likely depend on where you are in your career, but architecture is the great industrial art form and as there are so many booming cities around the world (many of which are in Asia or the Middle East) traveling for work is a high possibility.

5. Archaeologist–While battling Nazis in the attempt to discover the Lost Ark might not be part of your day to day activities, archaeologists do get to travel all over the world in some of the coolest locations on the planet. You could be unearthing a new dinosaur or breaking into the vaults of some secret pyramid.

6. Event Coordinator–Trade shows, festivals, conferences…these international events don’t plan themselves. This job will likely be a contracted position and likely an intermittent one, but a great way to work and travel nonetheless.

7. Tour Guide–Historic places need people who know history, and usually someone who speaks English to tell it to them. Becoming a tour guide is a great way to work and live in an area of the world that fascinates you.

8. Economist–Economists are sent all over the world in order to compile economic forecasts for their respective countries. This is a great opportunity to travel and take in the culture, although you might want to read John Perkins’ “Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man” before you take the job.

You’ve got the jobs; now it’s time to get the visas and passport renewed and you’re on your way!

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