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International Engine Shipping

International engine shipping has grown in popularity with the increase of cars all over the world. Many people have classic American cars all throughout Europe, Asia, Oceana, and the Middle East. Unfortunately many of these foreign mechanics don’t have the specialty parts to repair or fix these cars such as engines or transmissions. So in order to fix these classics, they need to ship an engine overseas from America.

Since 1977, Schumacher Cargo Logistics has shipped engines overseas along with full vehicles. Check out our guide on how to ship a engine internationally and start your shipment today.
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How to Ship an Engine Overseas

Many people wonder how to ship an engine overseas, especially since this seems more complicated than domestic shipments. If you need international engine shipping, you’ve come to the right place. For over 40 years Schumacher Cargo Logistics has facilitated all types of shipments to and from the USA. When working with us, we’ll walk you though your shipment from start to finish.

Requirements for International Engine Shipping

When shipping an engine overseas, you have to handle it in specific ways get it to the next country. There are a few requirements in order to make sure it is possible to ship.

Prepping The Engine For Travel

All of the liquids need to be thoroughly drained from the engine. Oils and liquids will keep your engine from being able to leave the country, so you need to make sure they are removed before placing inside an enclosure.

Protective Enclosure

One of the main requirements is that the engine needs to be in a protective enclosure. The two different types of enclosures are pallets and crates. If you want us to pick the engine up, we’ll need it already enclosed. Otherwise you can drop the engine off at one of our warehouses and we can build the enclosure for an extra fee.

Country Specific Requirements

Beyond those two, some countries require extra paper work or prep in order to ship. Our Schumacher reps will inform you of these in regards once they know the particular country you are shipping to.

Shipping the Engine

Once you are ready to ship the engine we can handle the rest. We offer both container shipping and air freight for international engine shipping services. We offer consolidated container service to 80+ countries and this will offer the best rate. Air freight is another option, though this is more expensive with more destinations to choose from. 

How Much Does International Engine Shipping Cost

There is no set price to ship an engine overseas. The reason for this is that each international engine shipment has different specifications that affect the price. For example an airplane engine to the UK will be different than a car engine to the UAE even with everything else the same. Since the prices vary based on shipment, Schumacher reps create custom quotes for any transport needs.

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