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Expat 101: Tips for Getting Your Kids Acclimated to a New Country

Written by Alex Bach

Moving is never easy.  There’s the cleaning, the packing, the stress, the uncertainty and that’s all before the actual moving day! The difficulties of moving are always compounded when there are kids involved.

A move across town involving a new school can present a whole range of problems for kids; so what do you do when you’re moving not just across cities or states but across countries?

Here at Schumacher Cargo we know moving can be difficult, after all we’ve helped countless families with moving to and from the U.S.and the more that we can help the better. That’s why we’re offering these tips to help get your kids acclimated to the new country and expedite the fun and enjoyment of their new expat life!


Almost every kid loves exploring, whether it’s a new house, a creepy basement or a forest. And what better place to explore than in a completely new country! You’ll want to go with your kids, but encourage them to indulge their inner explorers and take walks through the various neighborhoods, countrysides or museums.

Get Involved in Local Culture

No matter what country you’re in, there’s always going to be a difference in culture; but don’t be afraid of the new culture, embrace it! Find out what makes your new country unique and get your kids to participate. If you’re in China, have your kids learn about Tai Chi or local martial arts.


Part of local culture is local cuisine and this might be one of the hardest challenges to overcome with kids whose palettes aren’t as open adults. One of the best ways to counter this is to cook local cuisines at home and have them help in the cooking. They’ll be able to see (and choose) what goes into the dish, discarding the scarier items, and the fact that they’re making it will likely compel them to eat the new dish.

Learn the Language

One of the most isolating things about moving to a new country is not knowing the local language.  Sign your kids up for classes in the local language; it will get them involved in the culture, give them something to do and look forward to, and help break down the walls between them and their new country.

As we said, moving is never easy, but hopefully these tips will help your kids focus on the exciting aspects of the move and through that become better acclimated.


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