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Expat 101: The 10 Must-Have Apps

Living abroad is one of the greatest experiences a person can have. It opens us up to new cultures and expands our knowledge of life on this vast globe of ours. But living the expat life isn’t always easy, what with language, custom, technology and even measurement barriers.

We can help ship your possessions safely to and from your exciting new residence, and these apps can help you to settle in overseas after the move.

10 Must-Have Apps For Expats:

1. Smart Traveler

This awesome app brought to you by the State Department is a great way to stay safe when abroad, supplying you with embassy locations as well as updates on security alerts and maps. This app will help keep you safe when traveling–which means you’ll be able to convert that worry into fun!

2. HiConverter

This app is absolutely a must-have for expats as it helps convert all the various measurement discrepancies from around the world, telling you their US equivalent. From kilometers and other metric measurements to shoe and clothing sizes, this app helps you put things in perspective and make the right choices, like whether a museum is within walking distance or whether those pants will fit your father.

3. TuneIn Radio

Homesickness is a common and often unavoidable fact of expat living. While this app won’t replicate your mother’s spaghetti and meatballs, it will let you tune in to radio broadcasts of your favorite home stations.

4. Lingolook Flashcards

Loaded with translations of 500 basic words in seven languages, this app will help break up the language barrier. The addition of a real voice doing the pronunciations versus a robot is a tremendous advantage!

5. PackingPro

This is the perfect app for large families or forgetful travelers, allowing you to make a list of necessary items to include in your packing. Of course, you’ll still have to remember to check the list.

6. SitOrSquat

As bathroom situations are often a high-priority item for travelers, this app helps you find the nearest public restrooms while traveling as well as informing you of their particular “style” of commode.

7. World Customs and Cultures

This is a great app to help keep you from committing a disastrous faux-pas while visiting another country.

8. Lonely Planet City Guides

An expensive app but it’s like having a personal travel guide with you wherever you go, and without broadcasting yourself as a blatant tourist. What’s also great is that the information is loaded to the app when you buy it so you won’t have to incur roaming or data charges to use it.

9. WiFi Finder

As phone use abroad is expensive, this app is a huge money-saver. With over 650,000 locations, you can find the nearest WiFi spots wherever you are in the world!

10. Moonpig

Well maybe not a must-have this app is a great way to connect with people back home and send them personalized postcards made from your favorite photos–a good way to show family exotic locations and assure them you haven’t been thrown in a prison.

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