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A Couple Tips for Easier Airport Traveling

Written by Alex Bach

Airplanes allow us some of the fastest and widest transportation possible. Unfortunately they can also be a major hassle and headache. Here are some ways to help make airport travel easier, getting you from the departure drop off to the gate as smoothly as possible.

While you probably won’t be able to check your motorcycle or yacht, Shumacher Cargo is here to help you take some of your bigger and more precious items with you on your travels. Check out some of our over-sized cargo shipping options.

Checking Bags:

Sky cab is an often overlooked service, thought to be somehow too bourgeois for most travelers but it can save you some serious time and effort for only about $5 dollars per bag. Sky cab will take your carry on luggage right where your limo, cab or sister-in-law drops you off. What’s more is that Sky cab will also issue you your boarding pass. This means you’ll be able to entirely bypass the ticketing line.

Getting through security as quickly and easily as possible requires two components: Packing Your Carry-On Efficiently and Traveling Expediently.

Packing Your Carry-On Efficiently:

This means doing away with unnecessary items, loose change, old wrappers, trinkets, etc. Look through your bag beforehand and remove any possible contraband. If you’re a big reader and traveler it might be time to consider an eReader or tablet. This will allow you to carry as many books, magazines, movies, music or other entertainment without weighing down your bag. Lastly, compartmentalize your carry-on to make TSA checks easier; put the plastic bag containing your liquid materials in an easily accessible pouch.

Traveling Expediently

Traveling Expediently refers to traveling in a manner that will allow you the fastest way through the gates. If you are part of an airlines reward system you might have special lines awarded to you. Don’t worry if you aren’t, many airports also have lines designated for traveler experience (using the same system used in skiing); a black diamond is for experienced travelers who know the ropes. This will be the fastest line. And don’t go to the lines with more than one attendant if possible as they are usually training new TSA officers and will tend to be slower.

Your clothing is another big aspect of this category. Choose clothing options with the least amount of accessories (belts, ties, bracelets, etc.); cut down on anything that will have to be removed an placed on the screening belt. Slip on shoes will help too.

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