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The Cost of Living in New Zealand

Written by Damien Shields

Thinking of making a major move? Great decision. But where will you go? Largely your choice will depend on what kind of finances you have and what standard of living you hope to find. The good news is that New Zealand is a gorgeous, exotic location and one that won’t break your bank.

A big move overseas can be a big headache. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Make sure you plan ahead and give yourself ample time to get all the preparations for your move to New Zealand finished well before you actually leave. Then you can start focusing on which part of the “Lord of the Rings” tour you’ll hit first.


New Zealand has welcomed a growth in their economy in the past years, with the median household income around 60,000 Euros per year (although the country is on its own New Zealand currency). Compared to many other cities around the world, New Zealand’s main cities, Auckland and Wellington come in at numbers 56 and 74, with cities like London and New York coming in at numbers 25 and 33, respectfully.


Rent in New Zealand is fairly affordable. You can rent a three-bedroom house here for about $357 NZ a month, with higher prices in the city going towards $600. That’s quite a bit lower than any real estate you’d find in most major American cities. And if you’re looking to buy, the average house price was $392K in 2013. Again, much lower than many American and European cities.


The price for market goods is fairly standard in New Zealand. Milk costs about $2.40NZ per liter (they are on the metric system there). Eggs are a bit more expensive at about $4.35/dozen. Though, if you’re a smoker, you should expect to pay a lot more for your Marlboro’s, approximately $18NZ a pack!


Luckily New Zealand has many affordable ways to get around. Tickets for local public transportation go for about $3.50 with monthly passes around $120.0; about what you’d pay in most other metropolitan cities. Gas goes for about $2.20-liter; as there are 3.785 liters in a gallon you’re looking at a pretty hefty price for gasoline.

Overall, New Zealand is likely one of the more affordable destinations you could choose for an international adventure, just keep in mind that it’s a different lifestyle and many things such as gasoline and tobacco have some steep surcharges.

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