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Cost of Living in Hawaii

For many, the dream of living on a beautiful tropical island is, well, just a dream. Still, some have committed to besting that dream and making it a reality by moving to Hawaii. And while Hawaii will surely be an epic and beautiful adventure, take heed, it is not the cheapest of places to find yourself living.

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According to a report by Civil Beat, Hawaii has the highest cost of living out of every state in the U.S. Apparently the cost of living in Hawaii is 16-percent higher than the runner up, New York. Let’s break it down and take a look some of these costs and why they are what they are:


For just sheer dollar amount, Hawaii sounds like an economic paradise at first, with the median household income at almost $60k per year: which would put it ninth in the nation. However, once you factor in the high cost of living in this Pacific Paradise, you’re left with a more disappointing figure that puts it in about the middle. Similarly, the amount you’d need to make per hour just to rent a 2-bedroom house would be around $34/hour. Keep that in mind when you consider your move.


Hawaii has some of of the most expensive property in the nation. A standard two-bedroom house can go for as much as $600,000 and condos sell for around $315,000: or about $1,600/month for a 2-bedroom.

The fact that these are islands with very real limits on the availability of space, not to mention the desire of living on the island, are all responsible for these prices being what they are.


Consider that most of the products you will buy, outside of coconuts, papaya, and Rum, will be imported from the mainland or other countries. This means paying the most in the nation for gas, about $4.25/gallon. This means paying more for milk, about $6/gallon, and virtually anything you’d need.

You’ll have to keep these prices in mind when planning your dream island retirement.

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