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Motorcycles of the Future – 6 Concept Bikes that Could Really Happen

Written by Alex Bach

Most concept bikes try to give us a glimpse into the future. Unfortunately for many of their admirers, that future is still too far away–and you want to ride these puppies now!

While no one can say when these motorcycles will fall into production, after all, that’s why they’re “concept” bikes, these 6 have some of the best chances of making to the open road.

But just because your bike may not be one of these concepts doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat it as if it were. Schumacher Cargo ships over 10,000 bikes per year and treats each of them like the concept bikes they once were.

I Care Motorcycle

Designed by French conceptual masters in the Enzyme Group, this bike looks like the early drafts of the motorcycles for “The Dark Knight” or the “Tron” reboot. With a 1.8, 6-cylinder engine and dual exhaust, this bike is not just a concept of awe and speed, it actually has a real possibility of someday seeing its way into production.

Dodge Tomahawk V10

If the I Care bike were a cross between The Dark Knight and Tron, this would look like a mix between the former and Superman.  While appearing more militaristic than the I Care (the struts look just like the Batpod’s machine guns) the Tomahawk’s steel frame and Viper engine make this motorcycle a distinct Motor City masterpiece we could see in production if our laws didn’t object to it having 4 wheels.

Indian’s Alien “Speed Racer”

Designed by Dan Bailey, this sleek and frightening beast has found a new nickname among enthusiasts of the concept: the Alien Speed Racer.  Taking inspiration from the famous sci-fi franchise, Bailey modified the designs of the Kawasaki Ninja after their tapered heads and sleek aesthetics.

Ferrari V4 Motorcycle

It’s a Ferrari…but it’s also a bike!  Does anything more need to be said?  No, but here’s some anyway: this bike boasts a V4 engine with F-16 inspired controls for this nearly-literal crotch rocket.

2015 Honda CB750

At first glance it appears like a video game version of a dirt-bike.  Then you look closer.  Honda’s concept features a carbon fiber body with a 750cc 4-cylinder engine with a 5″ display for GPS and driving modes.

Zero Moto

We’ll have to wait a couple more years for this bad boy to be in production.  Like 30.

This electric bike features all wheel drive with pairs of wheels in the front and back, capable of spinning in reverse direction for a smaller turning radius or faster for high-speed lane changes.

As these were supposed to be bikes that had a shot of making it onto production some day, certain concept bikes that were just stunning–such as the Swordfish or the Mach Ness–didn’t, unfortunately, make the list.

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