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Ciao! Italy’s Cost of Living

Written by Mark Neville

Here at Schumacher Cargo we’re all about helping others get out and experience the wealth of culture and geography the world has to offer. As such, living abroad is one of our favorite ways to immerse yourself in all the wonder this earth has to offer. And one of our favorite destinations is Italy. But just how much are you going to need to live there after you’ve made the move overseas to Italy from the States? Let’s explore the cost of living in this historic and diverse country


Of course, the price you pay on housing will change depending on where you live. Cities and densely populated areas like Campania are going to be more expensive. In general, for people already living in Italy, about fifty percent of monthly salaries are spent on rent. On average, a 1-bedroom apartment in the city centre can cost anywhere from 350-600 Euros. Those prices lower as you move outside of the centre and will lower if you share with roommates.


Utilities are unfortunately one of the more increasingly expensive facets of living in Italy. Combined, your monthly price for water, gas, electricity, and heating could be around 180 Euros a month. Tack on another 20 Euros or so for your phone and internet.


Luckily transportation won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Train passes start at 1.50 Euros and only 35 Euros for a month pass. Gas is about 1.78 Euros per liter. It’s perfect for a moped, though that might get a little expensive if you plan on doing a lot of driving…which you shouldn’t.


As Italy is probably most renowned for their food, this is one area where you will probably try and dedicate as much of your budget as possible outside of traveling the countryside and visiting historic museums. The average single person spends about 40-50 Euros a week on food. What’s great is that, with the market food being so fresh, you’ll be able to experience fantastic Italian cuisine without having to shell out the big bucks at restaurants.

There you have it! With these costs in mind, you can start preparing for your Italian adventure.

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