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Moving to Bolivia from the US

Lake Titicaca, Moving to Bolivia

Are you considering a move to Bolivia from the United States? With its rich culture, stunning landscapes, and affordable cost of living, Bolivia presents an exciting opportunity for expats seeking a new adventure or a relaxed retirement. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about making the big move.

How to Move to Bolivia

Moving to Bolivia from the US is no small feat, but with proper preparation, it can be one of the most enriching experiences of your life. Our international moving specialists are here to make your move to Bolivia easy.

Moving Your Household Goods to Bolivia

Knowing what you want to move with you will be most helpful when planning your overseas move to Bolivia. This will determine the type of service and the size of the shipping container you need. Use our household goods volume calculator to get started. Schumacher Cargo (SCL) will pick up your items and bring them to one of our warehouses nearest you.

SCL Wharehouse Locations:

  • San Francisco, CA
  • Las Angeles, CA
  • New York/New Jersey
  • Miami, FL
  • Houston, TX
  • Savannah, GA

Your goods are safely and securely loaded from our warehouses into the shipping container.

Schumacher Cargo Services for Moving to Bolivia

  • Consolidated Container Shipping (LCL)— the most cost-effective service for people who do not need a full container. With this service, you only pay for the space your household goods take up, and the cost is divided among the others who share the container.
  • Full Container Shipping (FCL)—Depending on the volume of your move, you can choose a full 20’ container that holds up to 1100 cubic feet or a 40’ container that holds up to 2200 cubic feet.

Contact our international moving specialists at 1-800-599-0190 for a complete list of options for moving to Bolivia. They can help you determine the best services for your specific timeframe, budget, and location.

Daily Life and Cultural Integration

Living in Bolivia can be a rich and rewarding experience, but it comes with its challenges, including a language barrier for those who do not speak Spanish. Here are a few tips for settling in:

  • Language: Learning basic Spanish is crucial for navigating daily life and integrating with the community.
  • Cultural Etiquette: Bolivians are known for their friendliness, but being aware of local customs and etiquette will help you build relationships and integrate into the community.
  • Networking: Connect with other expats and locals to build your social network and find support.

Finding a Home in Bolivia

Bolivia offers a variety of living environments, from bustling cities like La Paz and Santa Cruz to quieter, picturesque towns such as Sucre and Tarija. Here are some tips for finding a home:

  • Research: Start online to get an idea of available properties and typical prices.
  • Real Estate Agents: Consider hiring a local real estate agent who can provide insights into different neighborhoods and help negotiate rental agreements.

Schumacher Cargo also offers door-to-door moving services. We can pick up your household goods from your home in the US and move them to your new home in Bolivia.

Get a free quote for your move to Bolivia.

Healthcare in Bolivia

Healthcare in Bolivia is a mix of public and private systems. Major cities have both public hospitals and private clinics that offer good quality care, though facilities may not meet the standards you’re accustomed to in the US:

  • Health Insurance: It’s recommended that international health insurance be obtained to cover medical treatment in Bolivia.
  • Medications: Make sure to bring a supply of any prescription medications as they might not be readily available.

Move to Bolivia with Schumacher Cargo

Whether you’re moving for a new job, retirement, or just an adventure, Bolivia offers a unique blend of challenges and rewards that are sure to enrich your life. With over 40 years of international moving experience, we are here to make the relocation part of your move easy.

Fill out our online form for a free quote for your move to Bolivia, or call 1-800-599-0190 to speak to one of our Bolivia relocation experts now to start planning your move.

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