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Best Train Trips for an Epic Vacation

Written by Jason Lowder

With the advent of flight, passenger train traveler got pushed aside for the faster technology. Which is unfortunate as train travel offers so many opportunities for excitement, adventure, history and scenic views. Here are some of the best train lines in the world, all of which would make for a fantastic vacation.

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6 Greatest Train Trips

1. Trans-Siberian Express:

This rail boasts the longest track in the world: over 6,000 miles of track. There are three different routes you can take, all of which will take you through luscious vistas of mountains, tundras, and anything else between Moscow and Beijing…that’s right Moscow to Beijing!

2. Venice Simpleton-Orient Express:

Agatha Christie made this one of the most famous trains in the world. This classic trip takes commuters from Paris all the way to Istanbul, with stops in Venice, Prague and Krakow. As an added bonus: the vintage cars have been restored to their 1920s grandeur. And with the aura of murder and mystery, how can you not book a trip.

3. The Indian-Pacific:

While it might be a little faster than your average Walkabout. This train takes passengers across Australia on the longest straight track stretch in the world, taking you through one of the world’s most unique and iconic geographies…and without the risk of snake or spider bite!

4. The Blue Train:

This famous train in South Africa whisks travelers along 1,000 miles of track from Cape Town to Pretoria, the country’s capital with all the amenities of a five-star hotel. Take in your safari from aboard the train while sipping on cocktails, dining on world-class meals or smoking a cigar and embracing your inner Hemingway.

5. The Peruvian Central Railway:

Reaching heights of 13,000 feet, this South American train is the highest in the world. And with 59 bridges and 66 tunnels, this zigzagging train is one of the greatest rail adventures you could ever hope to have.

6. California Zephyr:

A classic American railway experience. The California zephyr takes travelers from Chicago 2,4389 miles across the continent to Emeryville, California, hitting just about every scenic geography on the way. You’ll see the Rocky Mountains, climb the Sierra Nevadas, traverse the desert and go through a tunnel 6.2 miles long!

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