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Peak Moving Season and The Best Time to Move

Many people wonder when the best times to move are in order to have the best moving experience. Interestingly enough, both the peak moving season and popular times to move are influenced by individual situations. The times that people move are similar because the issues are the same for each of them.

Read below about some of the peak times to move and the reasons they’re popular.

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Why Summer is the Peak Moving Season

Once summer comes around, movers get into their peak moving season. This really starts to pick up around may and lasts all the way until the end of September.

Children being out of school is one of the main reasons that summer is such a popular time to move. Since they have just finished the school year, it’s much easier to move with kids. When moving during the summer, kids don’t have to enter a school mid-year and they can start fresh at a new one. This also includes the period where college kids may move to a new city or town to attend their university.

Another reason summer is the most popular time to move is because it is really difficult to move during other seasons. In some areas, dark or snow covered winters make it hard to even move at all.

When choosing a month to move in the peak season, you should start as early as possible. Some companies fill their space up months in advanced and they may be fully booked by the time you want to start.

Popular Days to Move in a Month

As a whole, every month has a similar set of popular days to move. These days are the weekends and the end of the month.

The weekends are generally popular because it is easier to be there if you aren’t at work. For some, they cannot take time off of work to move, and have to use the weekends. This also helps if you have a multi-day situation. You’ll be able to use both days of the weekend rather than have to take multiple days off of work.

A major reason why the days at the end of the month are popular to move is because of ending housing agreements. When renting a place, rent is due at the beginning of the month. This means to not waste rent on an extra month, you need to leave before the month ends. Because of this, most are scheduled at this time making them the most popular days.

The Best Time of Year to Move

Since each person is different, the best time to move depends on your particular situation. If you have kids, the best time to move may be in the summer. Though if that doesn’t bother you, you may want to move any other time since there will be more openings and flexibility for your shipment. To determine your best time of year to move, you can consult with a moving company as soon as possible and they can guide your decision.

The Best Time to Move Internationally with Schumacher

For the most part, domestic moves and international moves share the same peak moving season. We still recommend starting sooner than later as this takes a bit longer than domestic moves. Each particular situation is different so we consult with each person on their move.

Get a quote for your international move and start today before it’s too busy!

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