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Best Places to Retire in Spain

Written by Alex Bach

Destination retirements are the dream of many of us. A way to relax and go on permanent vacation. And while many have chosen destinations within their own country, say from New York to Florida, several have started to look further, into a more international retirement plan: and for that, Spain is one of the best places.

Retirement is all about kicking back after a life of hard work and letting it fall on younger shoulders. Schumacher Cargo is happy to help you with with relocating to Spain from your home in the U.S.. We’ll take care of the move, so you can just take care of the retirement!

Costa del Sol:

Costa del Sol in the Andalucian province is Spain’s most popular retirement destination. Probably because it’s home to some of the country’s best medical facilities, schools and real estate. Meaning you’ll find many other English speaking retirees and professionals to help you make the transition. The lack of sales tax and a low property tax make this an economically feasible move for many.

Costa del Alhazar:

The Costa del Alhazar, or the Orange Blossom Coast, is about an hour’s drive north of Valencia and one of the most gorgeous and as-yet untapped areas of the country you could hope to find yourself. Filled with orange blossoms (obviously), almond trees and white sand beaches. The population is only around 12,000, meaning you’ll get a quiet, small town feel that’s distinctly Spanish.

Spanish Countryside:

As the big cities of Barcelona and Madrid can be very expensive, a retirement in the countryside might be the way to go for many retirees not looking to break the bank. Cities like Salamanca, Granada or Santiago de Compostela, are great spots to get city amenities without paying city prices.


While the first two locations on this list certainly have an abundant beach life to offer, there are other, cheaper and more off the path places you can retire that won’t upend your bank account. Look at places on the island of Gran Canaria–which will also give you an island retirement inside an international retirement–or the less populated beach town of Menorca.

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