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Best Places to Retire in Hawaii

Written by Alex Bach

For many, retiring is all about retreating to your dream destination, your paradise. As such, retirees are looking to Hawaii to spend their golden years. Here are some of the best places in Hawaii to spend out the rest of your days. (Though take heed, Hawaii is not necessarily the most affordable place to retire.)

And just because it’s still part of the US doesn’t mean moving there is going to be an easy task. You’ll have to plan ahead and make arrangements to ship all the belongings you want to bring via ocean carrier, but giving yourself time will make the move to Hawaii that much smoother.

If You Can Afford It:

As we said earlier, Hawaii is not going to be the cheapest option for your retirement. But if you can afford it, here are some of the most desirable places to lay down your final stakes.

Kaanapali (Maui):

The beaches of Kaanapali are some of Hawaii’s most iconic and famous. As such, it’s also one of the most expensive. Expect to pay upwards of $900,000 for your retirement home.


As the third-most expensive city in all of America, Honolulu isn’t going to be the retirement option for many. Still, this major city located right on a gorgeous beach that could make South Beach in Miami seem a bit insecure is the perfect place to retire if you can afford it especially as Honolulu will give you access to prime healthcare.

More Affordable:


This often overlooked city on the island of Hawaii is one of the more affordable places you could retire. Situated between Mount Loa and Mount Kea, Hilo offers over one-hundred miles of fantastic hiking, gorgeous rain forests, waterfalls, beaches and access to hospitals and a major airport.


On the western coast of Hawaii’s big island is a quiet, volcanic paradise loaded with fantastic golf courses and minimal rain fall: only about 10 inches per year, as opposed to Hilo’s 128 inches. Certainly an exotic retirement locale.


Paia is a tiny little beach town on the northeastern side of the ever-popular and eminently-gorgeous Maui. A quiet town, Paia has a population of under 3,000 and offers a small town feel on this popular island. Don’t worry, it’s only a short 8-mile drive over to the main city of Maui, Kahului, where you can find more shopping, restaurants and hospitals.

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