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Best Gadgets For Your Boat

Whether cruising the open sea, trolling for tuna or taking a leisurely spin around the bay, having the latest gadgets for your boat is essential for both safety and entertainment.  Here are some of the latest and greatest gadgets for your boat.

Digital Media Locker by Aquatic AV

Having music to listen to while cutting through the waves is ideal; seeing your iPod go launching into the water or getting splashed by a squall is not.  This neat device allows guests to connect and store their iPod in a waterproof locker and change music via remote control.

Fluid Oasis Motorized Party Island

Drop the anchor and climb aboard this inflatable party raft.  Complete with cooler, MP3 player, speakers and caged propeller, this raft is a five-person floating treasure.  A whole new way to enjoy the water.

Garmin GPSMAP 740S

While it might not be one of the more fun items on this list, having a good GPS device on your board is essential.  As the weather can turn on a dime, it’s important to be prepared, especially if you’re out on the ocean or navigating complex river systems in search of an elusive catfish.


The inner tube will seem like the Model A to the Subwing’s Aston Martin when you attach this awesomely fun toy to the back of your boat.  While most tow-able aquatic fun takes place on top of the waves, this one allows you to actually dive below!  Dive, coast, or spin your way into a whole new territory of aquatic fun.

Vexilar FS-2000DT Underwater Camera

With an underwater camera like this one from Vexilar you won’t have to interpret the blobs of fish on most fish finders, you’ll be able to see your potential catch in crisp detail.  This camera has 80 feet of line and can even relay depth, temperature and the direction of the fish.  It might not catch the fish for you, but at least you’ll be able to paint a picture of the fish that got away.

And if you’re looking to ship your boat for some aquatic excitement in a new terrain, make sure you properly prepare your boat for shipping with these 5 easy steps.

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