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Best Cities to Explore by Bicycle

Written by Alex Bach

Bicycles are a great way to explore a city. First off, there’s no fuel or parking costs so they’re one of the cheapest methods, and by far the greenest method. Bikes also allow you to access certain parts of a city you wouldn’t be able to in a car, such as beaches or parks; and lastly, bikes are a leisurely and fun way to take in a city more than sitting in the back of a cab. So grab your bike and check out these amazing, bike-friendly cities.

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Best Cities to Explore by Bicycle

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bicycling has long been a part of Amsterdam’s culture; so much so that bike paths were worked into the infrastructure prior to the advent of the car. This is quite the opposite of many American cities. Of course, that doesn’t mean it can’t get a bit confusing for tourists. Luckily there are plenty of bike maps with great routes and stops along the way.

Portland, Oregon

America’s hipster headquarters would, naturally, have a great biking culture. Great bike lanes, green areas, scenic paths and even bike brewpubs make this city a fantastic destination for a bike vacation.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen rounds out the Top 3 biking cities in the world. Much like Amsterdam, biking is a large part of the culture and community, with 125 areas designated solely for bike parking. Their numerous paths are designed to accommodate the different demands of the tourist, giving you historical, national or contemporary options.

Beijing, China

Biking is one of the most prolific means of expedience in Beijing and one of the greatest ways to get to know the city. While biking is popular, the popularity means that it is not necessarily the destination for bicyclists looking to hit max speed.

Trondheim, Norway

Trondheim is such a bike friendly city that they’ve even endeavored to remove the worst parts of bike riding: the dreaded uphill pedal. Trondheim, taking inspiration from skiing, have created bike tow ropes to help pull bicyclists uphill. If that isn’t bike friendly I don’t know what is.

Traverse City, Michigan

The beauty of a seaside villa with regional wineries and amazing restaurants and breweries…except that it isn’t on a seaside but on Lake Michigan. Traverse City is one of the Midwest’s biggest summer destinations and part of that reason is the wealth of gorgeous biking paths. 18 miles of peninsula allows you to see not only the turquoise waters, but historic homes and lush orchards that make up the area.

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