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Australian Foods and Drinks

What do Australians Usually Eat?

While discussing the moving details with your international movers, you might like learning more about the Australian foods and drinks. Like most of us, you are probably wondering about some of the popular dishes and beverages among Australians. We found and even sampled some that were interesting to us, and are happy to share them with you. There are some Australian dishes that are truly iconic and we hope you give them a try when there.

Australian Foods and Dishes

Popular Australian Foods

Chicken Parm

Chicken parmigiana wasn’t always known as an Australian food, but now you can find the dish almost everywhere. This dish consists of a breaded chicken then served with a marinara sauce and melted cheese. When going to a pub, you’ll be sure to see this dish around.

Fish and seafood

Tuna, salmon, lobster, abalone, and prawn are among some of their favorite Australian foods. Since Australia has a lot of access to the coast, many meals consist of seafood. Interestingly enough the phrase “Shrimp on the Barbie” isn’t real, especially since they don’t even use the word shrimp.


Barbecue is a big favorite Australian food tradition, especially since they have such a free range of land and sunny days. Going out for a barbecue is less of a type of food like in America and more of a grill out. With this, everyone brings a bunch of different foods and beverages to grill out for a whole day.

Traditional Australian foods:

The Pavlova

This is a meringue dessert, believed to be named after Anna Pavlova. It’s hard to describe to Americans, but a Pavlova is similar to a pie with a crunchy crust and whipped cream and fruits to accompany the meringue.

Damper soda bread

Damper soda bread is another traditional Australian food. This bread uses flour, baked over hot coals. The reason its over hot coals is this is usually made in the wilderness when camping.

Vegemite Paste

Vegemite might be one of the most recognizable Australian food traditions.  It’s a condiment made up of yeast extract and used as a spread for bread and toast. With Vegemite, there is a lot of controversy among expats because of the flavor. Many expats leave liking it, but say its an acquired taste.`

Anzac biscuits

Another popular Australian desert, the Anzac biscuit uses oats, flour, coconut, sugar, and baking soda. This Australian food has a lot of history as a war food from WWI. Since these ingredients were available during the war, families made these and sent them to the soldiers out overseas.

Native Animal Meats

Kangaroo meat, emu meat, crocodile meat are among the vast amount of domestic animals. In this case, many Americans don’t always have the chance to eat this elsewhere. Some may have a hard time ordering it, but natives have high remarks.

Aboriginal food

Bush Tucker – grubs, and Bogong moths, frogs, insect larvas- Bibajm Many of these are real bugs, which definitely scare off the regular expat. Try at your own risk!

Australian Beverages

Billy tea-gum leaf

Billy tea and gum leaf is a popular Australian drink with very simple ingredients. With just loose tea, eucalyptus leaves, and water you can make this drink. Use the billy container and boil water with the tea and leaves to make this. It’s a very simple drink to try the flavor down under.

Australian Wine

If you didn’t know, Australia is actually a large producer of different wines.

Did you know that Australia is the fourth largest exporter of wine in the entire world?

Australian Coffee

Flat white is one of the most popular Australian drinks. This drink is a café latte with no foam. When going to a cafe or coffee shop, be sure to give this drink a try.

Australian Fruit:

-Native peach (Quandong), Wattleseed, Muntries

Did you know that the Granny Smith apple originates from Australia?

Have you ever tried any of the Australian foods or beverages? Please share your thoughts with us!

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