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7 Reasons You Should Pick Up and Relocate to Argentina Right Now

Sometimes your life needs a change; and sometimes that change needs to be something bigger than just a different color of paint in the living room. Moving to another country can be just the change you need: providing a new experience, a new perspective, and immersing yourself in a new culture. And one of the best places to move for those looking for a new paradigm is Argentina.

The first major step is getting your belongings to your new home; an easy task for an experienced company. Whatever you want to bring, let us help with the burden.


7 Reasons You should Move To Argentina:

1. A European Non-Europe

The lifestyle in Argentina is very comparable to those found in Europe. In fact, Buenos Aires is often referred to as the Paris of South America for both its beauty and culture.

2. Save Money

While the culture is more European, the costs are not. Economic setbacks in the last couple decades have driven down the cost of living; making it easier to afford good living and entertainment without the huge costs associated with London, Paris, Zurich or Dublin.

3. The Food

Argentina’s cuisine is one of the most celebrated cuisines of South America. When most of the country’s migrants have Spanish or Italian background, you know the food is going to be outstanding.

4. The Wine

Argentina, with its varied geographies, has become very famous for their wine, especially their unique and sumptuous Malbecs.

5. The Diversity

Along with migrants of Spanish and Italian descent you will also find many Germans, Japanese, Chinese, Korean migrants and a good amount of Middle Eastern migrants as well, helping to expand the already diverse culture.

6. The Geography

You would expect the eighth largest country in the world–and the second largest in South America–to have an abundance of geography and you’d be right. From lush urban areas to beaches, to mountains, to jungles, plains and rocky seaside villages reminiscent of the UK, Argentina has every geography you could ask for.

7. The Activities

Generally, the more variegated geography a country has, the more options for activities can be found. Argentina is no exception. From skiing, to horseback riding, to winery tours, hiking, mountain climbing, boating or just laying on the beach, there is no shortage of fun.

With this much to offer, it’s no wonder Argentina has attracted migrants and ex-pats from so many countries and it’s why you should pick up and move today. Check out our page on how to move to Argentina and fill out our quote form to get started!

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