The hands that built America

The true story of the Irish Immigrants of the early 1900′s

As an international moving company that specialized in moving to Ireland, we think of how different it was for all the Irish emigrants back in the days of the famine and early 1900′s when they were forced to leave their homeland to seek a new life in the land of promise…”America!”

Irish workers having lunch on a steel beam

Over 5 million people moved from Ireland to the US during this time of famine and hunger and landed with hope in their hearts that this new land would offer them a safe place to work and live.

For most, America was their last chance of survival and they offered themselves to the country as hard working laborers who became legendary in the construction of the big cities on the east coast, such as New York, Boston and Chicago.

The skyscrapers, Boston common, and most reclaimed land space in these new cosmopolitan cities were back filled with Irish labor and unfortunately many died on the job.

A lot of the Irish became members of the US army and Police force and to this day, have had a major influence on the orchestration and implementation of such public service offices.

Antique map of Ireland

Antique Map of Ireland

When they all moved over, they did not have the luxury of bringing their furniture or personal belongings with them. International moving companies did not exist then!

It is reckoned that 12% of all Americans have some trace of Irish heritage in them and the worldwide celebration of St. Patrick’s Day is a testament to the strength of the Irish presence abroad and the legacy of what all those hard working exiles left for us to bask in today.

The hands that built America is a song by another wonderful Irish creation, U2, who have helped in keeping the Irish famous all across the world.

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