Australian Foods and Drinks

What do Australians usually eat?

While discussing the moving details with your international movers, you might like learning more about the Australian foods and drinks. Like most of us, you are probably wondering about some of the popular dishes and beverages among Australians. We found and even sampled some that were interesting to us, and are happy to share them with you.

Australian Beverages:

Billy tea-gum leaf, Australian wine, Australian beer, coffee-flat white being the most popular (café latte with no foam).

Did you know that Australia is the fourth largest exporter of wine in the entire world?

Australian Foods:

– Fish and seafood- tuna, salmon, lobster, abalone, prawn;

– Meats: barbecue is a big favorite

Australian Fruit:

-Native peach (Quandong), Wattleseed, Muntries

Did you know that the Granny Smith apple originates from Australia?

Traditional Australian foods:

– the Pavlova (a meringue dessert)
– Damper soda bread- made of flour, baked over hot coals
– Vegemite paste from yeast extract used as a spread for bread and toast
– Anzac biscuits- made using oats, flour, coconut, sugar, baking soda
Kangaroo meat, emu meat, crocodile meat
– Aboriginal food : Bush Tucker – grubs, and Bogong moths, frogs, insect larvas- Bibaj

Have you ever tried any of the Australian foods or beverages? Please share your thoughts with us!