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USA Import Household Goods Tariffs

(* USA import tariffs valid for trade partners only)

NOTE 10+2

The CBP Importer Security Filing (ISF10+2)regulations will become effective on January 26, 2010. Every importer(s) are required and be responsible for the proper filing of the ISF 10+2. Below are the ISF 10 elements with their brief definition that MUST be filed by each and every importer(s) before the cargo can be loaded onto the vessel and depart from the Origin port otherwise CBP can and will assessed penalty / fines of up to $5,000 for each violation(s). U.S. Customs website: www.CBP.gov

(*) Importer(s) must filed Importer Security Filing (ISF 10+2), 48 hours (we recommend 72 hours) before your shipment could be load onto freight vessel.

(*) Importer Security Filing (ISF 10+2) is SEPARATE from the carrier's manifest and the broker's/importer's entry


In compliance with US Customs and Border Protection ISF 10+2 (Import Security Filling), Schumacher Cargo will be filling ISF 10  starting Jan 4th 2010 (which applies to containers that are being loaded on or after 11th of January).

Following is the step by step procedure on how to file ISF with CBP through Schumacher Cargo.

  1. ISF information has to be submitted to Schumacher Cargo by completing attached Excel file for every container consigned to Schumacher Cargo.
  2. Attached Excel file contains of 30 separate sheets that can be used for each client loaded in the container.
  3. ISF 10 MUST be filed with CBP 24 hours prior to Lading of cargo at the foreign ports. In order to meet this requirement, ISF files MUST be received 10 to 7 business days prior vessel departure at port of loading, along with Lading date or Sailing Date and Bill of Lading Number (including SCAC Code). Schumacher Cargo reserves the right to refuse any ISF filing, for importers that are received after the requested time frame.
  4. CBP reserves the right to take enforcement action including the use of DNL (Do Not Load) message. Therefore, simple failure to file an ISF will result in a DNL action along with the penalties that will be assessed by CBP. CBP will assess liquidated damages as follows: $5000 per late ISF, $5000 per inaccurate ISF, and $5000 for the first inaccurate update.
  5. HHGDS ISF filling cost will be as low as $5.00 per Client/Shipment that will appear on our invoices as a separate charge.
  6. Any fines or penalties due to Agent’s failure to submit accurate information, will be billed back to the agent.
  7. Please contact the undersigned regarding any NON-HHGDS/PE shipments prior any booking as cost and required information is not the same.

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