Retromobile 2019: The First Major Auto Show Of The Year

Retromobile is the start of the year for major classic auto shows. Since 1976, this show has been hosted at the Paris expo Porte de Versailles in Paris, France. Every year they bring out legendary cars and showcase some of the most coveted vehicles on the planet. This year’s event takes place February 6-10 and we begin coverage a few days before it starts. Check out some fun stories and cars from Retromobile 2019!

The 1939 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Touring Berlinetta

The 1939 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Touring Berlinetta

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Australia’s Fumigation Requirement – What it Means for Shippers 2018/2019

Kangaroos Next to a Shipping Container by Maersk line

Image by Maersk Line

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The Australian government recently announced that they are bringing back their fumigation requirements for containers and cargo coming into the country.

So what does this mean for companies and individuals either moving to Australia or shipping vehicles/cargo? To start, let us first look at what the Australian fumigation requirement entails. Then we’ll look at how this affects those trying to bring goods and cargo into the country.

Fumigation is when chemicals are used to compound and eradicate any suspect insect or infestation within a container and its cargo.

The process involves “tenting” a container and releasing these chemicals into the tent. This then effectively kills off any prohibited worries that were the subject of the fumigation in the first place.

Australia and New Zealand’s Fumigation Requirements 2018-2019

In Australia and New Zealand, the port authorities work very hard to prevent any foreign inbound insects/bugs/bacteria and living organism from entering while piggy-backing on cars/boats/bikes and general cargo that is being shipped in via container or Roll on Roll off.

The “marmorated stink bug” is an organism that their governments fumigate for. This US bug does not live in Australia and New Zealand naturally. If the parasite passed through customs, it would affect the entire ecological balance in either country.

So to prevent this, all containers and RORO cargo from Sept 1st 2018 through end of April 2019 have to be fumigated within 72 hours prior to loading on the vessel.

Acquiring a Fumigation Certificate for Export

So what affect does this have on our operations in the US and how does it affect the individual?

Shipping companies and freight forwarders need tighter control on the pickup and return of containers from the terminals. There is only 5 free days with the container before it needs in-gating back to the terminal for loading on the next vessel.

We therefore need to coordinate the pickup, loading, then run the container to the fumigation yard for 24 hrs. Then we pick up again, to have the cargo back in time, along with the necessary fumigation certificate to accompany the shipping documents.

Once cleared, the fumigation certificate goes with all documents to the receiving agent in Australia or New Zealand. The certificate also goes by pest control certificate and confirms the shipments fumigation. Agents need these documents to prove to the quarantine officers that we followed all shipping procedures. As a result, we clear Oceania’s customs and the vehicle or goods are free to enter the country.

So essentially for the individual, the real difference comes in the cost and time frame. The fumigation process comes with additional costs and delays the shipment until approved.

Shipments to Australia and New Zealand are still very common and we complete this process with ease. Clients will just need to know about the fumigation when booking during this season for clearer communication.

Please see more information on this current issue by clicking the links below.

Australian Government Biosecurity Page

Update from Hamburg Sud and Australian Government 

Shipping the Old Yeller Race Car to The Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

Front View of Old Yeller II

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is one of the most iconic events for motorsport lovers everywhere, and this year is the festival’s 25th anniversary. They plan on recreating some of their best motorsport moments from the past 25 years and have dubbed this event “The Silver Jubilee.” But what does this have to do with Ernie Nagamatsu’s Old Yeller II Race car?

Founded in 1993, the Festival of Speed is a premier hill climb event on the beautiful Goodwood House property. It has grown to include events such as a forest rally and the auto show, Cartier Style et Luxe. This year’s festival takes place Thursday to Sunday, July 12-15, 2018 and for more information visit the Goodwood website.

This year, the Festival of Speed invited Dr. Ernie Nagamatsu and his legendary Old Yeller II to participate in the event. The car appeared in the festival two times previously in 2000 and 2005. This year the Old Yeller II will  be returning for its third appearance in 2018. Schumacher Cargo Logistics is proud to be shipping this car to England from the US through our professional air freight service.

Ernie Nagamatsu and his Old Yeller II Race Car receiving a new engine

One of our auto shipping experts Filip Michelet (left) and Dr. Ernie Nagamatsu (right) next to the Old Yeller II Race Car as it receives a new engine for the upcoming Festival of Speed.

Ernie Nagamatsu and his Old Yeller Mark II Race Car

Dr. Ernie Nagamatsu DDS, now retired, is a legend in Los Angeles and has the spirit of a true cosmopolitan. He’s practiced dentistry in LA for over 40 years, but his mastery goes beyond just his primary occupation. No skill seems to elude the doctor, with experience as a lecturer at USC, a collector of fine Asian art, a writer of an award winning cookbooks, and of course as a race car driver. He has won many awards and accolades racing the his current car, the legendary Old Yeller II.

The Old Yeller II was created by Max Balchowsky in 1959 for Hollywood Motors and is still being used to race today. There have been many drivers of the Old Yeller II, and in that list includes Max Balchowsky, Carroll Shelby, Dan Gurney, Bob Bondurant, Billy Krause, Bobby Drake, Paul O’Shea, and its current driver Ernie Nagamatsu. The car has gone through many owners in the past 60 years and finally became Nagamatsu’s in 1991.

Since then, Nagamatsu has fully restored the Old Yeller II to its previous 1959 glory and brought it back into the spotlight of the automotive world. Don’t forget to see him and Old Yeller II at their next stop: The Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018. For this event, they had to install a new engine into the car. This is due to it suffering an engine failure in its last race. In order to have more control over the timeline of this international shipment, Dr. Nagamatsu is using our specialty air freight shipping to bring his car overseas in the fastest way possible after the repairs are complete.

To learn more about Dr. Nagamatsu, Max Balchowsky, and the Old Yeller II visit their website at

Shipping a Classic Car by Air Freight

Schumacher Cargo Logistics has over 40 years of experience shipping cars all over the world. Shipping classic cars internationally requires precision and skill to make sure the vehicle arrives in pristine condition and on-time. We offer a specialized air freight service for when a vehicle needs to arrive at its destination as fast as possible. Our Airfreight Division’s goal is “To deliver a competitive advantage to each customer” and they provide our fastest way to ship internationally. If you need to move your goods overseas quickly, get your free air freight shipping estimate today.

See More of Our Interesting Shipments

Check out the some of our posts on the other interesting and crazy vehicles we’ve shipped over the years below.

Additional Photos of Old Yeller II

Old Yeller II Side View

Old Yeller II Interior View

A look inside of the Old Yeller II. The name of some of its most famous drivers, Dan Gurney and Carroll Shelby, are on the side.

Old Yeller II Drivers Plaque

A plate on the inside of the Old Yeller II with a list of all of its previous drivers.

We Shipped Jack Ehret’s Record-Breaking 1951 Vincent Black Lightning

1951 Vincent Black Lightning in Schumacher's Warehouse

A world record was set when a 1951 Vincent Black Lightning motorcycle sold for $929,000 at the Bonhams’ Las Vegas motorcycle auction in January. It’s the most expensive motorcycle to ever be sold at an auction, and Schumacher Cargo Logistics shipped the bike to its new home in Australia after the auction.

The previous record for the most expensive motorcycle sold at auction was set by a 1915 Cyclone Board Track Racer that sold for $825,500 in March 2015. The record for the most expensive car sold at auction also belongs to Bonhams, for a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO that sold for $38.1 million in August 2014.

The Most Expensive Motorcycle Sold At Auction

Ben Walker, Bonhams Head of Motorcycling, recalls an electricity in the air as the competition at the auction took off.

“We had guys from the UK, America, Australia, mainland Europe all interested in acquiring this motorcycle,” Walker says. “It really came alive around the $550-600,000 mark because that’s where the real bidding battle started to take place between a gentleman in the audience and a gentleman on the phone.”

As the bidding price raised, so did the stakes.

“When it got to around $790-800,000, the guy in the room was shaking his head,” Walker says. “The auctioneer said, ‘Just one more, sir?'”

And finally, the total came out at a whopping $929,000. The Australian man on the phone won the bidding war. The 1951 Vincent Black Lightning, in its original, unrestored and running condition, returned to the country where it got its fame.

About Vincent Black Lightnings

This particular bike, dubbed the “Ehret Lightning,” already made its own record in 1953 when Jack Ehret broke Australian speed records after riding it at an average speed of 141.5 mph. The pair continued to win races around the world until 1993.

It’s one of approximately 30 other Black Lightning motorcycles manufactured by Vincent HRD, and only about 19 “correct” bikes are still in existence. When built, the Black Lightning was the fastest production motorcycle in the world.

Vincent motorcycles have been known to win speed records across the globe, more than any other manufacturer. David Lancaster’s documentary SpeedisExpensive highlights the history of these motorcycles and the family behind the company.

“When Philip Vincent [founder of Vincent Motorcycles] passed away in 1979, he didn’t think these motorcycles would be forgotten,” says Lancaster. “I don’t think he could’ve predicted the sort of prices that this motorcycle’s fetched, but he did know that these things were special.”

In September 1948, Rollie Free gained the motorcycle speed record for the United States while riding the first Vincent Black Lightning at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. During test runs, he had average speeds of 148.6 mph.

For the final run, he stripped down to his swimming shorts to reduce the drag, laying flat on the seat with his legs stretched out and his head low. He reached a record 150.313 mph, following a black strip painted on the ground and completing a mile in 23.9 seconds.

Shipping Your Motorcycle to Australia

Schumacher Cargo Logistics is proud to have shipped this incredible, record-breaking Vincent Black Lightning motorcycle from the United States to Australia. We’re experts in shipping motorcycles to Australia and around the world. If you have a motorcycle, vehicle or household goods that you need to ship internationally, get your free shipping estimate today.

Retire to the Philippines for $100,000

beachfront pool and relaxation in the Philippines

Retirement is a chapter of life that many look forward to. It’s a time for relaxation, but also adventure. Retiring abroad is a popular move for seniors, as you finally have the time and savings to travel and discover a foreign country. With a literal world of options, it’s hard to choose. Consider the Philippines, an archipelagic Southeast Asian country situated in the Pacific Ocean. With over 7,000 islands, the geography ranges from beaches and tropical rainforests to volcanoes and mountains. The Philippines is among the top 25 countries to retire to on International Living’s “The World’s Best Places to Retire in 2018.” It scores 90 for cost of living, higher than its 2017 score of 85. Other high scores for the Philippines from International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index for 2018 are 96 for fitting in and 94 for entertainment & amenities.

Cost of Living in the Philippines

The Philippines has a generally low cost of living. International Living reports that you could comfortably live on $800 to $1200 a month, covering housing, utilities, food, healthcare and taxes.

If you live on $800 a month, your $100,000 can spread out to about ten and a half years. If you live on $1,200 a month, your $100,000 could last about seven years. The average worker’s Social Security benefit for 2018 is $1404 per month. Your monthly benefit alone could cover your basic living expenses, giving you some comfortable wiggle room for using your savings.

Obviously, your monthly housing payment will depend on where you live and in what kind of space. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city is $228.94; go outside the city and that average is $124.77 per month. A three-bedroom property in the city has a monthly average rent for $394.53 and outside the city is $240.59. Something important to note is that non-Filipinos cannot own land, but they can own property. Thus, buying a condominium would be your best bet if you wanted to own your place.

Living in the Philippines as a Retired Expat

Perks for expats include a government agency dedicated to retired expats, and the surrounding culture is welcoming to foreigners. Other incentives for 60+ expats include:

  • Duty-free import of $7,000 worth of household goods
  • Exemption from airport travel taxes
  • Your retiree visa does not expire, and you can leave and return to the country without having to reapply for residency

For a more complete list of what benefits are offered to senior citizens in the Philippines, click here.

Live Like A Filipino

The best way to spread out your savings across your entire retirement is to embrace the local lifestyle. Don’t spend like you’re on vacation, where you might be more inclined to splurge here and treat yourself there. Live, and spend, with the mindset of a citizen in your new country. Find the local markets for your grocery shopping, then cook at home. Avoid the popular shopping centers where prices may be jacked up because of tourists. Limit your entertainment spending and outings to a few occasions. All of these saving tricks are rules you’ve known and followed at home, so apply them to your new home in the Philippines.

Moving to the Philippines

Ready to start your retirement in a beautiful tropical country? Schumacher Cargo Logistics now ships to the Philippines! You can trust us to move your items and household goods safely and efficiently, while you relax and enjoy your retirement. If you’re ready to retire to the Philippines, fill our Online Quote Form to begin the process today.

A Brief History of the Port of Houston Texas

The Port of Houston is one of the largest ports in the world. Though this port didn’t start out that way. Join Schumacher Cargo Logistics for a brief history of the Port of Houston in Texas.

Port of Houston at the Houston Ship Channel in Texas

The inland Port of Houston lies on the Texas Gulf of Mexico coast. It is linked to the gulf at the Port of Galveston by the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway and the Houston Ship Channel.

For a while, it was the capital of The Republic of Texas and the tenth largest port in the world. Although it’s the fifth largest in the states, it ranks first in United States international commerce.

To emphasize the importance, this is the main port for the state of Texas. It is a major center for worldwide petrochemical and oil industries, as well as for biomedical and aerospace research and development.

It would make sense that many expats live and work in the area from the above mentioned industries and we have helped many relocate here and move from Houston.

In 2008 Houston ranked 2nd on the Fortune 500 Company Headquarters list. In the same year ranked both 1st on Forbes’s list for ‘Best Cities to Buy a Home’ and for ‘Best Cities for College Graduates’.

Today, many refer to the Port of Houston as the energy capital of the world. Several of the largest energy organizations have their headquarters there. This list includes Exxon-Mobil, BP, Shell Oil, Chevron Pipeline Company, Apache Corporation, Marathon Oil Corporation and Citgo.

Conoco Phillips have their international headquarters there and it comes as no surprise that the Port is a center for the construction of petrochemical and oilfield equipment. In April 2008 it had the lowest unemployment rate in the world at 3.8%.

The Port of Houston History in the Early Days

In the early days, barges carried goods to and from the city along a route to the Gulf of Mexico. In Galveston, the barges met up with seagoing vessels that carried goods between the rest of the U.S. and from overseas. As cargo volumes grew with the city, the lack of a deep water port in Houston caused increasingly more problems.

During the 1890s business and civic leaders continuously lobbied with no avail for a deep water ship channel to serve the many international shipping companies who transported cotton and other cargo from Texas.

But it took the dedication of a young congressman, Tom Ball, the discovery of oil, and the fury of Mother Nature to all come together before the maritime destiny of Houston was fulfilled.

The Port Of Houston in the early 20th century

In September 1900 one of the worst hurricane disasters in the history of America hit Galveston. It was especially devastating, leaving more than 8,000 people dead.

Petitions for a protected port miles upstream from the exposed position in Galveston then took on greater urgency. In 1901, the discovery of oil at Spindletop rapidly accelerated the growth of commerce in Texas.

With rice starting to rival cotton exports the lack of a deep water ship channel meant that Houston was denied the means of handling larger vessels to support the growing commerce.

A revolutionary concept proposed by Tom Ball suggested that the costs of dredging the channel should be shared by the federal government and Houston.

A unanimous vote by the Congressional Rivers and Harbors Committee accepted the idea that became known as The Houston Plan. Tomball, a nearby Texas city gained its name from this brilliant young congressman.

Financing the Waterway

A campaign launched in 1911 to encourage voters to approve bonds worth $1.25 million. This money went toward the local share of dredging the waterway and approved with a margin of sixteen to one. Soon after, the Harris County Houston Ship Channel Navigation District formed and issued the bonds. Now they are know as the Port Houston Authority today.

Despite the enthusiasm of voters, banks and brokers did not want to accept the bonds until Jesse H. Jones appeared.He approached the banks in Houston to accept the bonds. Within 24 hours each bank bought its share, an investment that has paid dividends for the city, the state and the nation many times over. With this feat, Jesse Jones went on to become a major force in the future of both Houston and the port.

Completion of the Channel

In 1912, work commenced on the deep water channel. This was in conjunction with the progress of other precedent-setting maritime projects such as the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway and the 51 mile-long Panama Canal. On the 7th September 1914, the TEXAS dredge whistled the completion of the channel.

Big celebrations and a ceremony took place on November 10th at the Turning Basin to officially open the channel. The ceremony began with a twenty-one gun salute. President Woodrow Wilson even fired a cannon via remote control from his office in Washington D.C. to officially mark the Port of Houston open for operations.

The Port of Houston Address:

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Are you ready for the 77th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?

The #1 must-do for any North American motorcyclist is the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, held annually every first week of August in Sturgis, South Dakota. The 2017 rally will be the 77th rally, held August 4-13. Located on the edge of the Black Hills National Forest and just northwest of Rapid City, the rally offers a chance to connect with other riders, get a taste of the American West, and fulfill the dream of being part of a motorcycle gang. Vendors will set up shop along Sturgis’ Main Street and show off their inventory of gear, bikes, and other motorcycling necessities. The rally also hosts races, bike shows, and concerts from A-list musicians.

Things To Do


The party doesn’t stop at motorcycles. Sturgis is proud to host rock legends like Ozzy Osbourne and Lynyrd Skynyrd among other favorites on the Rally’s set list. Here’s a current breakdown of the week at Buffalo Chip Campground:

  • Friday, Aug. 4, and Saturday, Aug. 5: Dirt Riot Off-Road Races
  • Sunday, Aug. 6: Shinedown, American Flat Track Sturgis Buffalo Chip TT Races
  • Monday, Aug. 7: The Doobie Brothers
  • Tuesday, Aug. 8: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackberry Smoke
  • Wednesday, Aug 9: Ozzy Osbourne, Pop Evil, Street Drag Invitational
  • Thursday, Aug. 10: Blink-182, George Thorogood and the Destroyers, Doug Danger’s Rattlesnake Jump
  • Friday, Aug. 11: Alter Bridge, AMA Supermoto
  • Saturday, Aug. 12: AMA Supermoto

Group Rides and Highways

There are plenty of group rides available on the Sturgis Rally website, or the lone traveler can ride highways like Iron Mountain Road, Vanocker Canyon Road, the Wildlife Loop, and Spearfish Canyon.

  • 15th Annual Sturgis Mayor’s Ride: Limited space available, so book fast! The Sturgis mayor will host this annual ride on Monday, Aug. 7, and all proceeds benefit the local emergency services. The ride takes you to the best of the Black Hills, stopping for lunch at Custer State Park. Participants will receive a limited edition Jack Daniels decanter signed by the mayor, a T-shirt, a Mayor’s Ride pin and other items from sponsors. To celebrate this being the 15th year for the ride, all participants will be entered into a drawing to join the mayor as a VIP guest for a pub crawl the following night.
  • Carey Hart’s Good Ride: A “social spin on the traditional motorcycle charity ride,” the Good Ride will take place on Sunday, August 6. Proceeds from this ride go to the Infinite Hero Foundation, an organization that helps veterans dealing with mental and physical issues after returning home.
  • Ride with a Local: For those who are new to the Rally or who just want a taste of the local flavor, this free ride will go through the best back roads and places in the Black Hills. There are two chances to ride, on Friday, Aug. 4, and Wednesday, Aug. 9, and it is expected to last five hours, including lunch and rest breaks. Lunch is not included in the ride. Spots are limited to 25 riders per ride, and itineraries and maps are included.

Other Highlights

South Dakota is full of hidden treasures. Local sightseeing includes Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, and Devils Tower in nearby Wyoming. Take advantage of the surrounding beauty and fun while you’re in the area.

Badlands National Park: get a glimpse of Mars without actually visiting another planet. The Badlands offer other-worldly landscapes of buttes and valleys, deeming it a “bad” place for the pioneers to travel through with their wagons.

Needles Highway: If you love the excitement and adrenaline of twisting roads and narrow passes, the Needles Highway is a must. The towering granite spires lining the highway give it its name, and the highway lies in Custer State Park, offering a chance to visit another incredible South Dakota must-see.

Sturgis Bar Scene: Sure, riding is what you want to do during the day, but what can you do once the sun goes down? Downtown Sturgis is home to plenty of saloons, bars, and pubs to give you a good time. Join the annual Sturgis Mayor’s Pub Crawl, or plan your own through Iron Horse Saloon, Knuckles Saloon, and Broken Spoke Saloon.

Where To Stay

Hotels, campgrounds, and other 300+ vacation rentals are available for lodging. Private homes to rent or vacation packages to purchase are also available. Find your home away from home here. Most lodgings are open year-round and can host individuals, families and larger groups.

Don’t Wait Too Long!

The 77th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is less than 90 days away, so start planning your trip now! Schumacher Cargo Logistics is prepared to get your bike there safely.

Thinking of Making the Trip from Overseas?

Check out our page on importing motorcycles and vehicles into the USA. If you have any questions you can give us a call or reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter.

2015 Silver Ghost Rolls Royce Tour to Ireland

The SGA ( – Silver Ghost Association) club of America which consists of proud owners of this Rolls Royce classic, have just completed their annual “on the road” tour which took place in Ireland.

16 beautiful vintage silver ghosts traveled in unison on the highways and byways of Ireland for 3 weeks. Schumacher Cargo began the process in June when we gathered all cars into our warehouses on the east coast and shipped them to Dublin during August.

Silver Ghosts

The goal was to have the cars ready for the tour members when they arrived on Sept 5th. Now after 22 days of driving, the tour arrived back into Dublin on Sunday September 27th. Damien Shields, our sales manager traveled to Dublin to meet the tour as they passed the cars back into our care for storage until we ship them back to the U.S. We are proud to say that we successfully completed this part of the project and the weary owners are now ready to fly home and savor the memories of magical trip around the Emerald Isle.

Silver Ghost Association

Brief History:

This particular model was manufactured by Rolls Royce between 1906 and 1926. However, “Silver Ghost” wasn’t the original title given to this line; as the first ones were actually called the “40/50 hp”.

It wasn’t until after a new model, AX 201, was given the name “Silver Ghost” by the media that all earlier models took on the prestigious title. Wikipedia

Rolls Royce Silver Ghosts in Warehouse


The Gumball Rally 3000! Not Just Any International Race

gumball rally cars

The Gumball Rally is a high octane international race from one side of the world to another. It started in 1999, and this year the race starts in Stockholm with a finish line in…. LAS VEGAS!!!

The participants are all usually high powered business moguls / popular personalities from the world of TV and music and eccentric car fanatics who take this race on with the same enthusiasm as the cast of “it’s a mad mad mad mad world!”

In partnership with Delivered on Time, the official Gumball Rally 3000 vehicle management company, Schumacher Cargo Logistics are proud to be the US Gumball rally international shipping coordinator for some of the most exotic and highly decorated cars we have ever seen…

We recently had a collection of Ferraris, Porsches, Vipers and a gold plated Rolls Royce with Gumball Rally paintwork, which we flew out to the starting line in Stockholm, Sweden.

overhead view gumball carsWith a start date of this Saturday May 23rd in Stockholm, over 100 cars will travel through Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany before arriving in Holland on Tuesday May 26th.

From here Deliver on Time will fly all 100 vehicles with a combined value of $200 million USD, in chartered freighters to Reno, Nevada.

From Reno the race continues to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Death Valley and then the last leg to the finish line in Las Vegas on Friday the 29th of May.

Who will win? We don’t know but what we do know is that the party to end all parties will happen over 2 days in Vegas. schumacher secure porsche

Warren Barnes, our VP and head of Schumacher Secure, which is our special department for collectible and exotic automobile shipping, will be there at the finish line in our “Schumacher Secure” Porsche 911.

We will update you with all the trials and tribulations of the race as it makes its crazy way from Sweden to Vegas……

Watch out for updates all next week – with lots of pictures of both the race and the international shipping aspect of the Gumball Rally 3000!!

secure car from front
gumball viper
gumball cars in la


How We Shipped the 60,000 lb Blade Truck to the Brisbane Truck Show

We often feature special vehicles and projects that we have going on at Schumacher Cargo Logistics, but we’ve decided to turn it into a new series called, “What We Shipped This Week.” So without further ado, let’s begin.

Logistics of Shipping the Navistar International “Blade Truck” for the Brisbane Truck Show May 2015.


The Story

  • —We have shipped a lot of these magnificent trucks over the years, and they all had a sense of urgency around the shipping aspect, as most were to order and already sold at final destination.
  • —However, this stunning machine, the international “Blade” truck was a last minute decision by the distributor , to ship from Chicago to Australia for the Brisbane Truck show.
  • —With only days to spare, here is how we did it……..


  • —This is a spectacular 450-600 horse power – 10 to 18 speed luxury driving experience with industrial work ethics
  • —Weighing in at 60,000 lbs, it has full stand up sleeper cab which looks more like an apartment than a sleeping space.
  • —With bed/kitchen and office, this truck is for the serious driver who needs home comfort while away on the road

The Shipping Process

truck next to flatrack

The truck arrives at our loading yardfrom the distribution centre in Illinois. We plan to carefully load it onto a 40’ flat rack due to the time frame required to get it to Brisbane. RORO is an option usually but not this time as RORO is a 60 day sail. We need to get this on the water asap with a 25 day sail to Brisbane.

The truck needs to be fumigated and shrink wrapped before being exported. The fumigation process takes 24 hours to eradicate any possibility of insect or bug transfer from the US to Australia.

The unit is carefully lifted onto the flat rack.

lifting truck onto flat rack
lifting the blade truck

Blocked and braced into position on top of the tarp which will eventually be shrink wrapped around the complete unit.

shrink wrapping truck
block and brace

Industrial strapping is used to hold the chassis in place during transit.

strapping down truck
straps between the wheels

Final strapping before shrink wrapping the truck to prevent any body corrosion or effect from salt water during the ocean freight.

staps to frame
front strap

All wheel trims and exposed chrome are covered prior to wrapping.

covered semi truck wheels

Truck is totally wrapped and protected for delivery to the port before loading on board the vessel.

schrink wrapped truck

Ready to Go

fully shrink wrapped semi

How it got there…

  • —The flat rack was loaded on board a vessel at the port of Long Beach.
  • —The rack was loaded at the highest point after all regular container were loaded. This is because you cannot load any more equipment on top of a flat rack
  • —The vessel sailed from LA to Sydney first – then transshipped to both Melbourne and Brisbane
  • —We got the truck delivered 1 week prior to the show
  • —Here is how is looks after its long journey ……

Ready to go to the Ball!!

blade semi truck
navistar blade truck

Another successful shipment…another happy client!

international blade semi truck shipment